5 Reasons why artists should think like a business man?

Welcome back to this website to inform yourself on what’s to do and not to do in order to make a leap in your music career: “The only way to wipe competition out of your brand is being the 1st in your craft to be unique and known”

One of the scene in our music video #Angsaboni

[Durban Inanda, April 1, 2020 Wednesday] —
1. So you can have a long term thinking
Lots of artists have gave up on doing music , we may not know why no matter how good they were but its clear they didn’t have a long term plan and they resort to working 9-5 and remain average. Since you reading this we don’t want you to end up like that’s , as an artist myself I know the hole in my spirit that’s like a unfulfilled void that’s can only be replaced by music ,its performance and engagement meaning everyone who decides to stop at some point either dope or whack they gave up on their dream lives.
To avoid this trap copy entrepreneurs, do want rich quick or quick fix of your music but take all necessary steps to reach most of your music goals. Invest in having quality work and make it your habit. Business people spends their lives trying and eventually achieving their goals , they lose money and time along the way but they fail and keep trying or pivot if the plan is not working but they don’t give up , don’t take a break either because you might lose your momentum and find it hard to start over. What’s we have done as friends , we based our friendship on doing music and things might happen and maybe split but individually we have our own burning fire within that’s why we going to keep working music and invest years and no finish line in sight.

ULwaz No Makhula performing at Eyadini Lounge

Life is hard get used to it. “Bill Gate”

2. So you can treat money different than most people
Money is a tool for CEOs, so it’s should be to you as well. Tools are studio equipment, marketing your music, building an audience, Time and good associations and places worth travelling .your 9-5 should pay for your bills and all of the above then later on in life you will have enough money to live a celebrity life. “Whats if I die” well if you were living the life you wanted dearth wont scare you because for now it’s a path to us all ,the better question is “what’s if I don’t die”? you will have regrets between you and yourself when you old and didn’t take risks to make your music a success ,this regrets will eat you inside and nobody will help you by then and its will shorten your life when bills are way higher and your friends who kept pushing are now celebrities.

Vosho Streaming

3. So you will be good with People, Time and Mindset.
We all know business people, values people, and time and think different than most people. Here I’m talking about entrepreneurs not a self-employed businessman or woman but business thinking alike people they know they don’t know anything and they delegate work and pay for what’s they’re not good at. As artists myself included I learnt to do anything within my company from music production, to distribution, marketing and events but I was not specialised for all that’s so its final product was mostly blurry and lower quality so I had the idea of what’s I want then it’s got easier when I had to hire people to do it well for me. By sharing my work to other people I respected the leverage of people and save my time and the bad mindset of wanting to doing it all by myself.

Information is a foundation of education , and school is not only source of information

Wamnandi by ULwaz No Makhula

4. In order for you to be able to endure hard times.
As of writing this piece, we have a pandemic which is corona virus and everyone is talking about it. It’s a lockdown in South Africa and around the world I see articles showing artists being struggling since no group of people allowed meaning no gigs as well and even myself have a bit of panic even though we not being booked that’s much. Its definitely a hard time we can agree on that’s so if your mind and your way of life is like of a business person you should already have a multiple streams of income , meaning you don’t depend only on music to make money especially if you have made money in the past the terrible thing you might have done is pushing the celebrity lifestyle and splurge ,but whats you must or should consider doing after recovering from this troublesome times is invest on real estate that’s building rooms and have people renting them. Have other businesses that’s makes money every month , have an internet based business and leverage your fan base like having traffic to your youtube channel and turn on the monetizing feature. Business people read and learn in constant basis even when their working they study environment.

5. Because thinking leads to emotions that’s leads to action
The title of this piece is why artists should think like a business man? And this point doesn’t need explanation but I will elaborate pay attention to your thought and try to fight bad ones because they turns out to be vices ,and even people who preach to you to take shortcuts in life put your success in danger be prepared and ready for opportunities but not short cuts. Here is a little story true one I founded myself working for an grown Indian man and he was taking photographs for people in big conventions so I was there helping with other lady and im new she taught me how to steal from this business since we dealt with money sometimes and that’s was hard for me because I don’t like to be that’s kind of person and she explained since they’re making tons of thousands theyre going to pay me peanuts at the end of the day although we are doing the actual selling and know the language of customers. That’s day I stole some money and regrets having to go through that’s but what’s I liked was learning how to make value to people and all the lessons I learnt from the owner of this business.

Now here are my points about this story.
1. Your environment and people around you effect your thinking.
2. Your ethics are in danger if you don’t guide your mind and choose whats you listen to.
3. Since I manage to steal some money that’s day , I’m no longer the same trustworthy person I used to be so recovery is hard and that’s why I should avoid being in such position ever

I thought what’s the lady said was thinking for my best interest ,while she was actually covering herself and messed with my emotions and I took wrong action and damaged the sense of loyalty and picture I have of myself. https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+27840196532

Once again thanks for checking our insights check out more articles below and follow us everywhere on social media as ULwaz No Makhula , comment below if you have some questions and opinions. As you know bonus

6. Work & Sacrifice is part of everyone success
For you to know the subtitle of this point you have to think big ,Business people see work as a must in their daily lives they make work and creates opportunities for others. You should sacrifice your kids over alcohol drinking and let your family starve, why I emphasis its because others are good at translating things in the wrong way. We introduce new concepts to you guys so you will have a new perspective on things and apply them to music , its hard to separate music from your personal life and trying to do that’s will make you inefficient in one except you let it be known that’s my work is my life and anything I do is a form of sacrifice for a better life in every aspect of my life.

Times for us to close and we want to disclaimer : we not music gurus we share the insights from our work experiences and we don’t talk about technical stuff in music that’s we all know but the tackle mostly the horizon and way of approaching and thinking things rather than going blindly to making a song end its never go anywhere because of your behavior. Thanks for reading

1 April 2020

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