Why Artists, Djs and Producers should exercise?

Hi my friend thanks for tuning in today to better you as an artist or a Dj or anyone involved in music industry. Before we go any further you already see we talking about gym so I want to say this find the way to get yourself motivated about it. That way it’s going to be easy, at least five times a week starting with 30 min a day a grow .I know this subject has been tackled by other channels but not from this perspective and maybe the influencer was putting it as part of his day routen and here that not the case it’s should be around anything you do. I’m going to jump to the points right now , but I want to add my idea they say have a scale to see your progress okay you can have that but I don’t recommend it , it’s going to mess with your momentum , look at what’s you eat and drink a lot of water , don’t eat cooking oil , don’t eat too much spices , avoid sugar and salty food and stay away from cold drinks or do like I do to not disappoint people offering add more water into it. Eat green food letis , cabbage and limit your meat eating. And once in a while reward yourself with pizza or friends but don’t eat it every week.

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  • 1 To have stamina when they’re working.

Have you heard that if you a lyricist you need some breadth to hold you’re breathing not interrupt your flow .gym is that its help you to deliver more words then most people in their 16 bars and then we end up with Bastaryms and Eminem of our time? To not get tired easy while you on stage and be able to have a hour or 30 minutes of amazing entertainment and break tons of records and actually make money while you at it. In this point I said artists to have a stamina when their working, music is work maybe it’s a hobby when you starting out but when you have a future plans it’s not longer a hobby it’s your life.

  1. They have something to fill empty days in their lives.

Artists get free time a lot, instead of mindless social media scrolling or studio unproductive hang out you know you have a workout that is important to do. Right now I haven’t done heavy lifting of 10kgz but I use my body weight everyday to tone myself. As I exercise everyday my body gives its equal progress and weight to improve my health and muscle. So if we talk about gym you don’t need a membership or personal trainer they might help but it will be also better to motivate yourself to do hard things in life so even if you don’t have money, you will continue with your healthy habits but if you can afford it go for it the discipline its gives is amazing. And if you scared to run around the street cause people are watching do it in your room, all that is needed is your sweat and fast knocking heartbeat.

  • 2 They will live longer.

If you healthy diseases don’t enter easy on you, corona viruses won’t worry you that much and if it’s does it will mean you not consistent on your gym habits. Your aging will delay depending on how you improve your work out and you will have a confident around people and have a discipline because having a muscle doesn’t mean you will beat people it’s simply for your  longevity in what’s ever you do. Think about it , do you know any celebrity that you love and is big in the industry that doesn’t take care of him or herself. Its hard but they know they have to do it and its seems doable when they start making money because they don’t get depressed on worry about bills the money is there now let me be healthy so I can enjoy it for as long as I can. Although you not there yet start now because it will be hard when you have money if you don’t have self motivation and we will not be there where you realize that we told you.

  • 3 Producers keep them seated all day.

Computers has kept us static so no movement in anything cause stagnation which causes diseases .So you gatta move and go out there and socialize as well ,you see producers end up being seen like an introvert while maybe they’re not and loose all that juice of life and networking which can make the beats and production business easy. Conference in every industry are there for people to learn but other industries are more money focus than music ones which I wish to see change because the livelihood of everyone depends on it. So let’s move if money doesn’t move its dies or given to people who moves it , if you don’t move you will be obese and nobody want that .hang out with people who gyms at least you will get motivated.

Starting is easy , keeping at it is hard but do something
  • 4 Its helps you to think or read.

If you can read on a treadmill it’s a big up for you. But on a busy day others put their music when they exercise that fine but what’s if you can be with yourself and just count your sets and think let your mind wonder because with our phones and so on its very noisy in the world not on the outside but on the inside. This point I can add you see if you can have conversation with people where there leave you thinking life changing stuff you can have a better shot at having a good life , we not there yet but we aware here on LnM show .On Thinking I got a call from banker today about Spliff entertainment Pty Ltd which is our company and other businesses we running for now he want to borrow me money so he was nice , because he is a business man I actually felt important and started thinking about how I will conduct my business when they give me the loan so I won’t be killed by dept .So that kind of thinking we need in our business life , so when you working out and remember the conversation with a friend just check if it was improving did you think of something if not change that thought.

Well this Episode started on a high not I didn’t ask you guys to subscribe so you can do that and then like the video I see there is unlike as well, but grant cardone once said what’s you say about me it’s says a lot about you,it’s ok if you unlike the video but the best way is to disagree with an explanation on the bottom comment section. Lets us jump to the Bonus before we lose too much track of time.


  • 5 The sooner the better.

It’s not a question or link to today’s episode but this one you should start it immediately not leaving other important things though like reading good books, meditating and so on. Don’t say I’m exercising I don’t have time to read , make time cancel your TV shows and the other better thing you can do to quiet your mind is to do some activities that you can focus on as a musician that doesn’t require radio noise like what’s I’m doing right now ,I’m writing this script and only this thought are flowing through my mind I’m out of this world ,like I’m writing a song and can’t be interrupted , you can write a book ,or anything that will offload your life experiences to the world and make a world a better place ,you not only need to be famous for people to see your impact ,you can be dead and be the greatest producer ever lived so leave your mark now while you still unknown ,that legacy when people talk about you and differ on many things but agree on one positive thing. It’s time for us to go, but we not gone On Face book ULwaz No Makhula Page, and twitter, and insta something as well as our booking email. We not speakers yet and that not our goal for now , our mission right now is to increase our brand awareness and have a presence on the mainstream media and a reputation especially here in SA . So if you want to promote us and split on ROI and you know what’s you are doing we can do the paperwork and you can invest on us. Thank you & goodbye.  

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