5 Lessons that’s life will teach you anyway

In South Africa where I’m from especially the black community that’s I’m in learning is something people must do, but no one seems to love it .After school or graduation people reach a plateau stage of life and worse youth and children are not given enough attention to the important of learning, parents leave this jobs to teachers it’s not a habit. So today’s topic wants to tackle things that’s people are going to learn the hard way or even if they don’t like it they will any way.

  1. What’s you think your life will be like when you grow up, is going to be the opposite

Depending to who is reading this but the good thing we are all looking towards the future and we have certain dreams and things we want to do and we have a certain picture of how things will turn out. I don’t want to disappoint you but it’s not going to happen that’s way. But I don’t want to be the pessimist here, so I will leave an advice I’m following myself if you want to reach your goal at least close to what’s you envision become the better version of yourself now, and also become an above average person, in terms of your mindset. Let’s say you want to have 1000 000 in your account someday ,the 1st thing you must do is to study people who are already there and simulate most things they do from their money habits to how they spend their time this advice apply to everything you want to accomplish in life. You want a car and a big house, there are many ways to get that’s but I would look at the person who have that’s and who also have surplus of money, because you don’t want to replicate someone who is drowning on debts because of material things. It’s very important to always make a disclaimer I don’t yet have things I’m talking about, if I have it I would’ve said so, but that’s doesn’t mean my information is wrong and I won’t have this things they’re just examples, I already have some of the things I need, the rest will be a bonus and I’m grateful for that’s.

2. How to approach me(Life)

Life will teach you how to approach it, if you live life carelessly and don’t consider your actions in the short term with the long term in mind you will wake up 10 year later in the same place. Life doesn’t like to be shortcut its really backfires, life doesn’t want to be taken likely it will take it life away or cripple you (no offense) ,if you don’t show gratitude ,Karma will reveal itself if you hurt people if you that’s kind of people and maybe you are an emotional abuser you don’t have to go to church to be told change your ways ,you must make it your work to self-introspect. Life needs you to be busy with something, make your mark in this world and never slow down once you stumble on something amazing. I have said a lot on this point but life is mostly baggage in baggage out, you get what you has put in.

When life seems to be dark

3. This is no one man land , as people we need each other

I tend to spend most time alone but I’m not much disconnected with people, but I have and still learning to balance this, if I’m alone I wonder and get things done on my computer .My company here is not on the mindset I’m at and it’s still hard for me to influence people close to me with this positive stuff because they already have their own views about life, chances are this lessons are coming to them anyway. People I don’t know where to start but everything I have people helped me ,from getting a job to having all the stuff I have to day it’s because of that’s person ,working well with people and so on ,its proved to be a most valuable thing in life. I should add, don’t let people go all over you have a system and a way to deal with people, create a healthy boundary because it’s important for people to respect you despite of your position in life and better yourself ,it’s a pity a person reading this is on a right track but what’s I’m trying to do is leave answers I have for people who will one day ask for my advice ,cause I know how mean I am when people start consulting me and asking things while time is never on my side to help them one on one.

4. Ignorance it’s not bliss, you need to learn to deal with information.

First of all there are things you can be ignorant about and live a happy full filing life ,like most of the things on your television and all the news in the world , music and sport Alux.com said important things will always find a way to you that’s are happening in the world and I learned that’s to be true ,I could avoid hearing about Covid 19 but still I wasn’t watching TV it was important that’s I should know about that’s and all the things I deliberately learn by myself. Getting back to the point learn information that’s you know will be good for you ,I see people hustling money and earning it and throw it back to the market place without them earning any interest ,they work all their lives and have nothing at the bank to show for it ,meaning they are not secure. Learn how to deal with people apart from the charisma you naturally have, that’s way your will know when someone is wasting your time and distance yourself earlier ,don’t be naïve and ignorant about important things or at least get the basic information or you will live half your life than what’s god has set for you.

Teacher is life and on the board is lessons listen to both

People say ignorant is bliss because they don’t want to face the consequences of knowing, I say figure it out know because that’s way you will be better off. If you knew you were going to be in a car accident today would you go to the road? Say you are not going to die , No you wouldn’t so there is information that’s will protect you in the future ,get it and really take advantage of it. In this website it’s a 1st step but go big and organize your information cause taking everything on YouTube that’s pop up won’t be a good strategy, listen to few people until their message sink in you and apply it effortlessly ,read books from few authors master those subjects then move on.

5. Good heart, and looking for the good in people.

He took my phone but at least he didn’t stab me, what’s if this was you are the robbery and you were a victim I think this will be a better view then trying to track this person down .Looking at the good he did leaving you alive. I know this is hard to contemplate but where I’m from its something that’s can happen and when I walk at night I get prepared .This is not coward for me, its reality and the best way to beat a person who did you wrong maybe because he/ she didn’t know who you were is keep keeping them in the dark and try to squash that’s beef. Good heart is not necessarily giving people money who is their job to ask you for it in the street, but it’s a good deed and really change other person’s day. You see if you look at me coming to a cashier in a till, she has no idea I’m going to leave a tip that’s my good heart and never for a second take the heart part literally it’s a good thought sparked by a emotion lead to this deed so as we teach each other know that’s heart is gut not necessary a sixth sense that’s is connected to a real heart. Well I hope this wasn’t a sophisticated piece but reread or comment below for clarification.

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