How to spend your first/early paychecks (Salary/ Wage)

No one should ever tell you how to live your life or handle your finances for that matter but since you are already here its means you are smart and know that’s you can never know everything. Instead of winging it you decided to learn on the topic. DISCLAIMER:

You may also need to get professional financial advice to full proof your money handling. This is general knowledge that’s most people don’t know about without waste of time let’s get to it.

Act like you are still unemployed
The best way and most effective way to get return on your hard work is to wait before making any purchase with your money ,read blogs like this and give your dreams and financial wants a thought.

For starters here is the only thing you can do right away with few percentage of your money, put aside bus fee and pocket money for food at work and then give your family a fixed sum that’s you going to give every month nothing more nothing less.

And the chunk of the cash left keep it or put it in an account where you cannot access it and then live like a student till the next pay day and so on, the goal of your working is to make money and it’s the way that’s seems safe and secure but that is also going away since times are changing but while we still earn we might as well treat our lives like a business and have a profit at the end of the month

Avoid temptation and impulse spending
Be careful passing near KFC and craving a wing lets the smell pass and be strong and be vigilant of what’s is happening but don’t get hooked.

Other people will study you and try to use your good heart to get hold of your money people you trust maybe family as well be careful ,for me it’s happened this weekend I came home and I just got back to work and they think I got paid or something and something tragic happened and they immediately tell me , they know I have a good heart and I have helped a family member in a same situation before but this time the timing was obvious and I couldn’t fall for a trap and I sympathize with them but not engage.

With that said you should save your first salary from reciprocal technics and compliance technics that’s are going to be used on you, simply help intellectually and physically but not financially unless is a matter of life and dearth situation.

Don’t share pics of money and don’t make promises
The goal of this piece is to help you cultivate the habit earlier and radically ,the promises you make to people and yourself may be costly also something awkward happened to me yesterday it’s my second time getting a good paying job but my passion is music.

It’s happens that I know the guys who make good music and I promised to contribute to their projects financially I won’t say names and the type of projects because I respect this people and their work.

With an offer of contributing 30% on what’s I wish to be done per person the other guy came aside and ask for more and for different project I don’t understand and don’t wish to invest into.

What’s the motive of this story? The people you try to help with your money sometimes miss the point and feel entitled and that a really bad response to free help with no expectation of profit.

This one may sound arrogant but it’s fits well with the subject at hand ,when I was switching jobs I left my brother with the old one and it’s pays well nothing like me but still you live well in it guess what’s happens.

It’s a third month now and he can’t budget properly and he enjoys everything life has to offer and end up having no food where he lives and that’s where I come in. Do you see how unfair this is? I literally give someone a job and still he lives lavishly and expect me to support him anyway, I do have a good heart but this is when I cry like the most I don’t have money and then he will make another plan.

I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s dignity here but in order for you to see where your paycheck go, you need to see people who stop you from having money, since this is family and friends they don’t pay interest on your money and it’s cost you time and charges transferring the money which is something they fail to pay back.

Live frugally and don’t make huge commitment earlier in life
This is not a best advice but do it with a plan to maximize your means. Commitments like getting married early or having a child or a big house is not a good money spending earlier on. Stay home use public transport and try to date one girl or boy try to simplify your life as much as possible and don’t socialize too much cause you might be influenced badly and most importantly don’t abuse substances you are not missing anything in life by not drinking alcohol and smoking.

Other people say substances help them thing but I doubt powerful people in the world hit a blunt every time they need to make a big decision, even though you are a regular person habit’s that costs money shouldn’t be your favorites.

Give money for bills and let other family member’s take care of it and focus on your spending strategy because if you go to the shops yourself you can go above and beyond because you love your family.

Why save money?
Maybe you are working your favorite job and you are now permanent but since you wake up in the morning and sometimes snooze the alarm and maybe have other dreams in your life that’s the reason you save money to explore the other side of life.

Or on the other hand is your safe heaven if something happens to you or your job, money has many potential and you definitely know you’re thus save it. There are other systems of saving but what’s I believe also work well is putting money away by yourself don’t let any mutual funds or schemes handle it ,trust yourself and discipline yourself and prioritize your life thus your money as well.

Think of other source of income so your paycheck won’t have too much weight and needs ,that where I’m at my sources of income pays for my living and my salary stays for opportunities and self-improvement.

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