Why it’s important to admit when you are wrong

Are you a kind of person who rub their dirt into other people? Or you never take responsibility it’s a habit you cultivated back in school? Maybe it’s time for you to change. Yesterday at work with my Forman we were discussing a bible the theory that’s Adam & Eve didn’t want to take the responsibility of eating a fruit other said I was given other say I didn’t know and other said the snake led us. Because of that’s God got angry and we all humans species has to suffer that’s according to believers . On the other hand science make it our responsibility to find out our origin and stop using superstition and stories. That’s why today we look at the benefits of taking responsibility and what’s comes after it.

  1. You get everyone involved off the hook
    The cake has been eaten in the fridge and you know it’s you ,what do you do? Tell the truth nah mom will have to beat us all , well as you grow life is not like that’s in order to be successful and be accounted with more opportunities transparency is key. Talk when done good or bad and relief everyone who might be in jeopardy ,selfishness it’s not only when you want the progress yourself in the cost of others but also putting everyone under the truck just because you don’t want to say im not a fit driver.
  2. You show leadership qualities
    Admit and repair should be your motto and don’t make a big deal out of it. Simply acknowledge you shortcomings and apologize effectively by seeing to it that’s you don’t repeat the same mistakes or make it up to everyone by creating more value which will make your mistake minor in comparison. When time comes for promotion , or inheritance I asure you ,the best candidate is someone who has a story and some sort of history because being a nobody is never a good trade off ,by all means stand out even if it means make some mistakes.
  3. You will grow
    Yesterday I did a serious mistake at work and potential of getting a warning yet I wasn’t in a mood to make excuses even though that’s what’s would’ve got me off the hook. My supervisor asked me ,Mr Ngcobo are you owk personally and I said yes and he asked why are you damaging the work and I really didn’t know what’s happened so I promised to pay attention . What’s you would’ve done ? Make excuses ,it’s Monday or didn’t sleep weel? Whose fault is that’s? By admitting you disarm a person who is trying to discipline you , and other things you say can be used against you ,rather take a fall and come back strong. The growth part ,not learning from failure is a sign of giving up too soon or the person inability to connect dots may be over trusting the people & process. You get screwed on a deal you should move differently towards another one because of the lessons you learnt from previous one.