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Below is our recent hits you can stream for Free , make sure to follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram also fill out the form below . A big S/O to our manager Nkule , our fellow players Dj Target No Ndile , Magibela , Caleb ,Nancy M ,Mthamis and NDW BoYz sisonke magenge let’s put Durban on the Map .

Vosho latest song by ULwaz No Makhula
Newest song ,

Our aim for this site

We are building a foundation for a huge source of music for Artists in KwaZulu Natal , by growing this firstly by using our Brand as Shortened #LnM when we get big a bit other artists will be allowed to submit their work and by the traffic they bring us we will compensate them meaning artists will earn based on their effort despite the level they consider themselves to be in…

Most importantly we want to let the bands we respect to have a voice , while not separating AKAs from Merel or Dj Tira from Sbucardo but really measure by the music they give us on that’s moment… as time goes you will hear talent that’s you never knew existed. All we ask is for Artists with some reputation to reach out the moment we open the doors and we can only achieve this by pputting our egos aside and embrace vierity Kzn has and the whole world will know we are a force to be reckoned with.


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Thank You

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