Naivety is a real challenge to beginner entrepreneur

Don’t we all start somewhere ? That’s why we must check our limitations and work with or against them


 Having no mentor and really trying to make my business work. 1st thing you can never master easy is people, people are unpredictable and those people involve scammers, fake vendors and bad customers. We going to talk about things that’s will really give a young business person a problem starting out ,but I’m not saying give up remember we talked about anticipation ,that’s what I want you to do expect the unexpected.

Not mastering your number and winging it

This has hurt me so badly even now as we speak, I built rental rooms from the scratch just because I saw I have money decided to go to a hardware and get building material and buy a site. While first I was supposed to do my numbers well and plan accordingly but I was so aggressive and with that’s force I manage to overcome all the…

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It’s ok to be confused

This one didn’t get too much attention but it has a like or so ,reblogging is a must don’t sleep on improving yourself


Pay attention is the two words I use the most here, I have found myself lost and don’t know which direction I should take in life. We hope by reading this you might have had this experience the key is notifying it. For us it happens when we about to get money, when we have to choose tasks and so on and even choosing the right path in life. Before I waste my points on the intro let’s get down to it.

Being confused is natural state of being

Other people can read you when you are struggling with something especially family members your mom or your spouse. Confusion is really important because the moment they see this they try to find a way to help you, it’s may appear like a stress sometimes but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes you may be talking to someone or trying to…

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Never take your 9-5 job for granted

Today is all about reflection and you cannot go wrong updating your online information and going with time ,yesterday fictions become facts but truths remain truths from day one. With this message don’t spend too much time on fictions your mind cannot differentiate


In a self help society we living in, there is a huge resentment in jobs and people preaching self employment and being your own boss. But today I want to share a light of this trap, unless you work towards something bigger than where you are then you shouldn’t not hate your job, even if you have big dreams job will help you achieve them quicker and keep a bit of security. I want to add don’t let your consumerism habit keep you in a job that’s you hate not because you need it, but because you want to pay for your lifestyle not necessitates. 

  1. The easy way to get a better job is to have a job in a first place

This job will offer you experience and skill and some sort of mastery on what’s you will be doing everyday. and Taking that’s lightly and be deceived…

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Why do we hide our realities and fake life on social media?

We are the product of our minds ,think right and have a better life consume the right content and keep growing the personal development industry is the only industry that’s contradicts itself. Pay attention to truth a what’s you are being sold either way the information is always good. Its better to learn then enjoy temporal episodes on tv that’s won’t impact your life in any way


We think we are brands Actually we are not at least not most of us. We are living in a society that’s promote the personal brand which contradicts with who we really are. You see if you can base your so called brand into your actual living than that will be ok.

But if you have to put some ad on to fool strangers online then you are doing yourself a disservice cause you self sabotaging yourself claiming to be something you are not and that’s will take a toll on you ,the stress you will have will be linked to this fake life of yours . While you will be making money in real life hard work where you will drag mornings and complicated work politics .

You won’t see its not worth it to take that’s money and buy fancy phone and clothes to have more followers on…

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Self control is very important here is why

Don’t be reactive ,be proactive


This topic should be encouraged and be talked about more often, the reason I’m touching this is because growing up we should be able to control our impulses and deliberate on things. I don’t know how long I can push this subject so please help me out and comment as well.

You can avoid doing things that’s will cause you serious problem

If you are in a love relationship you can avoid, falling for other person by disciplining yourself to avoid any signs of chemistry between you and stranger’s. This is work and you should not take it lightly and your friends should respect your ways, but take charge of that’s situation and move away from that’s influence.

Rape is a buy product of lack of self control that’s why you should be of sound mind when you make decisions and actions. But don’t get this confused life is risky…

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What’s do you do when you have free time and no money?

Time is time & money is money don’t confuse the two


I know this first hand but not that’s I didn’t have money or has too much free time in my hand but because I do have money and have a choice towards how I am going to spend my time.

Money has nothing to do with how I spend my time unless I make it so, now what’s can you learn from the use of my time and money because at the end of the day I find myself having enough of both while other people suffer to be still or buy a cup of coffee when the month end has pass.

I don’t want to portray a wrong picture of I’m the best and more efficient person when it’s comes to time usage but I want you to consider my justifications.

Where the person’s time and money go ,that’s what’s he values more

The above statement is true but…

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Kushi gqom is the next single for ulwaz no makhula

For the dual gqom group has cooked us a new storm of great music after the lockdown silence boys were busy. Within July we expect to hear a new smash hit by ULwaz No Makhula ft Caleb (who we heard from their last single called Vosho) , Magibela (angsaboni ) ,and new circle of ladies Ntomby who open the track and Nancy M who is a leading lady on the music video Angsaboni.

As you can see how this song is packed with talent we can’t wait for you to hear it Here is a teaser :

They call this one a breakthrough hit ,as we are starting to see a new content and image representing ULwaz No Makhula , and lately they have been sharing written content and different music in their website.

Kush’igqom will be a hands down we can all agree to that’s keep checking their facebook page.


When life seems less exciting

Welcome to another blog, we not mostly about answers here but to make awareness to you that’s you are not alone in your daily challenges and question’s you find yourself asking. What’s I came to this world for or what my purpose in life we have tried to broaden your horizon in the past and we want to assure you, you not the first one to experience stagnant life or some pause all we can say enjoy it while it lasts life is still going to be busy for all of us. You might argue it’s been 10 years and I will tell you the moment you get busy 10 years will feel like you took a 1-week break in life.

It’s might be you still don’t know what’s you want in life.

The only way to know what you want to be in life is to take your learning serious learn about many things as possible then keep downsizing it to master. You also might be listen to people telling you what’s you good at and what you should be ,they might mean well but taking that’s literally can affect the whole trajectory of your life.

 For starters in high school we get chances to go to conferences once when we are in our last grade and had to make the important decision of our life in one setting with inefficient information and using our weak gut feeling about a course and few years later you are stuck in a job you studied for 3 years and you don’t see a way to back out and it hit you my life isn’t exciting. If you are a parent it can be a good Idea to help your child and expose him/her in many industries before time to choose it will be easy or cultivate their natural talents.

You see as of writing this article my life doesn’t seem to be exciting but yet everything Is going well ,for me that’s when I worry more cause I know hardship is on its way but at some point this line of thinking of mine should change. But most interesting someone offered me a simple job of doing what’s I don’t find challenging doing and that’s marketing on social media and the little he’s going to pay me will be a bonus, what’s left for me is to improve this aspect of this hobby the payment and that’s means I should be more valuable and then excitement can be possible.

this how life is suppose to be

You might not be serving enough

You see as of my learning ,I came to understand that’s to live a fulfilling life the only thing you should do is to serve others but for me it’s got calculated in the need of funds I serve people with money with less expectation.

 In the need of help of learning I serve people with skills I need and see what’s happen and in the relationship cultivation I serve my friends and family and see if happiness is not maintained. I started reading a new book called crucial conversation and this book will help me a lot dealing with everyday people and immediate family.

Reading and watching YouTube videos has really come handy in changing my life and I can’t wait to afford more books that’s are not found in public domain ,or say I do afford but still need to take that’s action to make it a routine to buy a book. Deep down I see myself teaching a lot of people life lessons and business ones that’s serving me well in life.

Yesterday I asked my boy  whose 18 that’s if I crave something and I know I shouldn’t buy or eat it and I have money ,what’s should I do? He’s answer was simple don’t buy it or deny it and act do nothing. I find it interesting his answer is right and I have saw him practice this every time so he could buy something big he really wants’ others may be buying fries and nice food and he will save his money for a phone or a pants he has a determination and self-discipline that can push him a long way in life.

But the problem he is growing and his reasoning will keep changing especially when he will realize that the next paycheck is coming and he can slice a bit ,I hope that won’t happen. But in the name of serving when he has a family of his own to serve the challenge he might face keeping up with his great style of personal finance.

Having empty day’s

The real reason I’m writing today’s article is because of what’s I’m experiencing of having unscheduled days and I’m grateful for that’s cause I’m open to try different things or have a window to go back to my high paying job. Although I’m not thrilled going back to work but its part of a bigger plan.

 Although empty day’s doesn’t excite me its gives me the most thing everyone needs a challenge and creativity to do something with our lives , I wouldn’t recommend that’s you spend your life doing a house choirs as a strategy to live life and mostly that can be annoying but okay to other people is having someone telling you what’s to do with your life maybe a spouse a parent or teacher that’s regret you can never take back to the advice you took the advice and that means you are responsible for the way your life is when their dead.

Say you 40 years old now I’m sure you had a clear idea of what’s you wanted to become when you were 6/10 years old, of cause you were a child but you tuber wasn’t one of them and what’s ever you are doing now was still one of them but logic and reality sets in and here you are. To have your life get a spark what’s would you change and what’s stopping you.

What’s do you want?

Its may sum up to one question what’s do I want, material things car and house now that’s you have them what’s next? You pay them for the rest of your life. For me eyes opened the day I lost the job I had for 3 years and my priority got straight and car wasn’t one of them although I was planning to buy one the preceding year.

Car is important but we don’t have shortage of transport so if I’m not using it for business then I’m losing money on it. Your wants and needs has a subtle line of difference so you need to pay attention, in the process don’t sell your soul in trying to binge and being a consumer freak.

For me I want to succeed in music but this one might change it’s a gift hobby turned business but lot of plays involved and if things doesn’t get in line quickly I might have to focus to what’s makes a huge difference in my bottom line. I don’t encourage quitting or giving up but I can always come back to this love of my life but for now stakes are high I need serious focus.

Maybe you have lost trust in people

You are paranoid, for a business person that’s ok but what’s your reason? I grew up and still live in a hood people are generally good and few are bad and settings differ so you need to trust some people to have a shot of living well.

I have gave trust to my best friend and its might be in me to be paranoid but for my friend I think hard before of suspecting him of any interior motives he might have when he speaks or ask he’s been real to me as artists and as friends. I think we all need to give away trust and hope for the best no one is perfect but give some people benefits of a doubt.

 I was listening to 50 cent audio book when he said he lost his manager Chris and ever since it’s hard for him to trust anyone like he trusted Chris .We as human species betray one another in many way’s but one must move past that’s betrayal and build relationships with other and trust wholeheartedly .

Your wife (although I’m not yet married) cheated you don’t trust woman anymore, learn and move past that thought like animals they may face danger by the river but they forget about it immediately once they feel safe, we are different species we learn from this events but sometimes we should act like animals and be oblivious of the negative past to open a room for new people in our lives.

I don’t know which excitement you anticipated when you saw the title , but partying and going out balling wasn’t the case music video’s has that’s for you. That’s kind of fun doesn’t last that why it’s pieces of 3 minutes on mtv but long term life enjoyment needs other lessons and other things to be embraced.

Thank you for visiting us, don’t forget to follow us and don’t miss such insights. LnM, like the page on your left if you find value here is not even a matter of a thought a sure way action.

Create an anticipation for your single release.


We can help you create awareness about your upcoming song , through our website and social media. This particular platform will require us to listen to your song and get it fixed and approve the artwork.

Your initial investment is needed for all this to take place , there is a process we call listening session where we access the song without bias of the artist and genre and then the next step is approving quality .this is not to gate keep but to make sure we maintain our standards as ULwaz No Makhula and everyone attached to our name should at least be close.

Angsaboni – ULwaz No Makhula

Third step is your online presence and your consistency with us ,through our communication. By this point we would have already released your bio and the upcoming song.

NB : Have access to your song data and a beat file.

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What are you working towards?

Today’s topic might sounds like I’m talking about goals ,not far from it but we going to discover that’s goals are not a fixed resolution they always change according to found new information. With that’s said there should be a driving force in your life for other’s is family ,while for other is financial security and overall happiness and as a human species we all value this things but in different levels without waste of time let’s make it into point form so it will be easy to digest.

  1. What’s the main goal?

Here we are talking the one that’s seems unrealistic to you and people around you but you chasing it anyway. Other’s may say never give up ,but it’s easy because they don’t know the sacrifices you already made and how much your life is on hold just because of this major achievement. See this goal has mini ones that’s keep the momentum going and without those maybe you would’ve gave up long time ago.

I’m not going to make examples because you might get carried away, you should have saw it by now and get a confirmation that’s you not alone and you on the right track.

2. Are you going to keep going or you have already given up (Hoping to never regret this moment)?

Are you taking, a what if road or give it your all? Are you strong enough for the road ahead or you throwing the towel hoping your kids won’t ask you one day that’s what’s you wish you could have become?.

What’s happens to you if you find yourself in the windfall? You run out of things to invest in or you think food, shelter and family security? I know a mom goal is to raise a kid well to see that kid make it that’s a huge goal although a mother can do her best raising the kid ,she don’t know how the child will turn out and even odds but positivity works in everything you put your heart to.

I don’t want to make a picture of a perfect life because there is none ,but what’s we should strive for is being in relationships where we can speak our minds but humility enough to filter what’s necessary but don’t keep what’s hurting you inside just because you are scared of the other half or of the best friend. Of cause compromises and disagreement will be there but they should not tare you apart or end up accepting the other version of a family member that’s frightening you to come home.

Any strategic and meaningful way to deal with problems at home is recommended,I can say although my relationship with my brother is not bad we have grown to understand one another and we don’t get to one another skin .We know our place and my mother tried to get us close but that’s ended up happening by its own miracle ,we still different in many ways but I’m hoping we going to find common ground and be able to look after the grandmother home.

At work thinking about home as well

3. Rekindling your senses and the best in you.

You are getting grim and tight face why is that’s you feeling aging already? Get back your spark and start living again for me that will be purely waking up all my music dreams and get back to the studio. You use to have such a sense of humour, what’s happening are you working backwards on that’s department?

Although this must not always the case you need to get serious now and then but life comes at all angles, don’t suppress life challenges with a fake smile. Are you working towards manifesting your real emotions and work on them adding some sort of self control.

4. Is developing your mind a priority?

Maybe it’s still easy for me to read books and get some perspective about life. But what are about you reading this is catchy topics only thing you read? Get the book with a full content and make sense of it , people don’t read and thinks they compete with people who read books and I’m not just talking about those who reads and do nothing about what’s they read.

Internet has a lot of bad stuff but I assure you the good stuff is there as well, the only thing I cannot encourage is getting on social media and debates this mind tools I saw there too much conflicting ideas from a post to a comments. Do yourself and get books related to the line of work you want to do or things you want to fix in your life.

Your mind will always tell you what’s to do and if your mind controls your actions, what’s do you wish to make a habit to your mind so you will do automatically? I’m leaving you questions because you already know the answers and don’t make your guru success a north star have your own and reach for them using your mentor map to get to it.

Remember this the things we claim to want more in life chances when we got them won’t matter that’s much ,here I’m talking about material things including your spouse until you learn to live with him or her then it will be worth it to have him in your life. Cars I know they make us efficient but on the other hand they need to be taken care of and if you not fit enough you might get stuck.

5. Are you working backwards?

I may be tackling other subject while you are stuck elsewhere and without doing my job and wake you I would’ve failed myself because I’m putting time to this blogs so the ROI should be life changing. So are you trying to get that’s high you experienced in your high school farewell?

Are you still expecting the love you received from the first 6 months of your relationship? Are you still prioritizing memories with your unmarried friends going out and partying while you married now?

If so why don’t you take your family with you, see as I’m growing and experiencing some serious transition my friends from my twenties I’m starting to view them in the rear view mirror since we are choosing the different paths and I don’t want to force them into my life cause I’m changing rapidly as well all I can is I’m not happy with others choices while some are doing well and that’s progress take a toll on our relationship.

They feel it and direct it straight to their heads clearly we’ve been pretending all along and this shows me more of human nature than friends taking different directions. So trying to force this relationship will mean I value more the old experience of the past.

In closing build forward not backwards, learn from your failure and never repeat those errors are grateful for the great times and aspire for better ones with people will substance and values of growth.

We are some of our experiences and we are the average of our surroundings and what’s I have done to remove dirt is to charge people for my time as services no matter who they use to be with me. Cause if I don’t they will feel the void in their lives and try to squeeze themselves and misuse my energy.

Thanks for hanging with us on LnM, follow us on the left that’s our face book page. We are also available everywhere.