How to position yourself for success

The thoughts you cultivate and the action’s you take with your time are most that’s matter (green links will lead you to related topics)

That’s all said than done, so I have to elaborate based on my lifestyle and people I have observed around the world the positive influencers and more. Success is different thing to different people like happiness we translate it differently but for this audience I want us to focus on success of having money being liquid and investing as well as ability to do what’s matter with your life and find meaning in it and maybe really enjoy it.

  1. What’s you think about most of the time.

Other like me years ago we don’t consider what’s exactly consume our minds, but I can assure you what’s consume our minds are what’s we read, watch and listen to and most importantly what’s we do. So to position you to success with little effort is to change the above things that are goes to your awareness and mind.

Dtox the producer who taught me the most about music was the one I listen to most of my 20s, I visited his studio and hang out even if there was nothing I needed, id go and chill because he is a little bit older than me everything he said as a friend was true and I didn’t argue at all.

That’s way I positioned myself to be a great music producer but it was not that’s easy I was luckily to have avoided his not good habits and without knowing it I only took what’s matter and leaved the ones that’s didn’t make sense to me. You might not be so lucky and friends feed you everything that’s you don’t have time to surf.

The most effective way I might be forgetting as influencing your mind is what you say ,when you talk to people the beliefs you share shows what’s goes on in your mind and the more you say it the more you reinforce it to your life ,no matter if it good or bad

2. What’s actions you automatically take (Habits)

Thoughts are things and that’s cannot be far from the truth, but other thoughts are nothing until you act on them those are the like of ideas, wishes, hopes and desires all of this requires a will to act on it and manifest it. It’s always recommended you do things everyday to transform them to habits and do them without thinking. But if all you do is think and chill then nothing will matter.

My example is I started music out of passion but I ended up needing to push myself to make beats and write songs and then later I ended up doing this effortlessly ,now this writing is hard sometimes but I have to keep doing it so I will go through dip and plateau and come out the other habit side.

If you’re automatic action is smoking and drinking then you will be stuck on those bad habits. If you change roads to your direction every time, you will miss the chance to be in one position where success will find you mastering.

3. Your beliefs and usage of your income

There is a saying that’s says to see what’s other person value look at where he spends his time and money. For now let’s focus on money, today I learnt or have something reinforced to me that’s formula ISS (invest, Save and Spend) this is a way to position yourself for financial success.

Lot to consider about the above statement like saying you are investing while maybe you are gambling or saying this is worth your time while it’s just a hobby it won’t have returns necessary for you to be able to invest.

Choose one thing and stick to it as your investment, when times get hard look at it objectively not emotionally and see where the problem is and try again and again.

Losing money is part of a business so as making it ,but if you don’t have a business or investments losing money might means being careless with it or you like to spend more than saving and investing so success is not possible in that’s case you got to change.

4.The app’s you use

In this day and age the writings should go with times and we cannot avoid the fact that’s other people spend more time on app’s than anything they do in their lives. Whatsapp ,Face book ,Twitter ,Reedit ,LinkedIn ,Google ,YouTube ,Qoura ,Vlc & other media players , games , websites ,Word press, pdf books and many more.

Since most of us have phones and it’s has been a source of income for most people as well and they do businesses in it. But other apps are pure bad waste of time and a sure way to position you for failure. I don’t want to tell you which are bad ones and which are good ones cause that’s is different for many people but like Mr. Robert Kiyosaki say Assets are what’s put money into your pocket and Liability takes money out of your pocket, games and in-purchase live in it take money and time in your life it doesn’t seem like a good thing especially when you are an adult.

 For parents this can work well in your favor by controlling game usage in your house you can use it as a reward to your kids after they have done something positive within the day, that’s be reading a personal development book, watching a how to video and actually seeing your kid acting on an idea maybe that’s might mean no games at all just pure fun in work and talent.

There are apps that’s are really good for your productivity ,like the to-do list app and screen time recorder to keep tap of how many hours you are using on your phone.

There is nothing wrong with using a phone but for me and other people alike there should be positive returns as money or value added into our lives. You might say you are a trader and you use a trader app all the time but if you cannot separate it from your real life than there must be a problem.

Same as saying you are pushing on face book maybe your brand but you are busy destructed and find yourself engage in people’s posts that’s has nothing to do with why you are there.

5. Morning rituals

This message of morning tasks has come to me in different ways. Do your beds first thing every day so you will create habit out of it, take a bath too or read a chapter or so before getting out of bed of a biography or a good book. Wake up at the same time every day.

All this are good advices I also have found that’s having the tasks being planed the night before is more effective and your day has a 60%- 90% to being successful so I also write things I need to do maybe one thing in details and in the morning before my mind give me reason’s not to do the task I move so fast and get it done.

This might be hard for most people who over think things and that’s okay I have aspects of my life where taking things slow is better like the process of buying a big purchase like a house or a car or anything that’s require thousands of cash I try to show concern but yet not rush about it.

But when it comes to doing those tasks get them out of my way I move fast unless if I’m making a point to other party whoever it may be. I don’t give in to procrastination here is why you shouldn’t as well when a planning a task there are unforeseen consequences that’s may lead you to finishing the task the following day and if you already delayed the process of starting then this task will end up taking 3 days, where first day you busy wasting time thinking about it and second day starting it and be stopped because of a materiel shortage or anything and third day where you finish the job.

Today I learnt that’s what’s you start with you do well, this really made sense to me because look at today’s article it’s the first thing I did and I’m sure there is a lot of value in it. Now imagine I wrote this later in a day the results may have been not so good but you wouldn’t notice.

For this information to work in your life you need to find your own truth in it. Oppose all you like I’m not a super Google kind of person I have flaws as well I’m just sharing my realizations and what’s had work best for me and the lesson’s I have found worth sharing.

Be so smart that’s you read the BS in this article and dismiss it ,my goal is to have you hooked in our content that’s its changes your life to the point that’s you recommend us to some of your friends instead of trying to explain all of this to them. It’s better to lead a cow to drink water then holding it head with that’s said we are not cow’s we are people thanks for spending time with us.

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5 steps to making a powerful hit single

[Durban Inanda, March 30, 2020 Monday] –Welcome to the 1st episode of Ulwaz no Makhula Show where we teach artists like us what’s we have applied to make our songs stand out on social media which led to having them popular in Durban or Ken in particular and around the world.

Point number one on how to make a powerful single.

  1. Get a good and a bit recognized producer who knows the genre you doing.
    When we started doing singles which is what’s we’ve been doing till today , we did song on our own , using unpopular producer but who had a potential and who did became popular a bit…that was 2009 song called syavuma .it was a nice song but you cannot find it on the internet which should be your primary goal. Your song needs to be big on internet 1st.

We are men & woman who are practical in dealing with the conditions in our community

Nelson Mandela

Our second Single 2017 if I’m not mistaken we worked with Dj Target No Ndile but we didn’t mention them cause we paid and all that loll , which backfired still the streets doesn’t know us the song was called IYONA and we pushed it hard even putted it on digital platform but platform we targeted ignored us..
2018 that where things started to happen , on our new Song KHONINTENGBAMBILE featuring the best in the game TOS and we did the smart thing by mistake and mention target and Ndile…that when Internets and music websites pick up on us….great producer great artists that the 1st step that made our song a hit.

  1. Find helping artists that are good at what’s you not.
    this point goes straight to the artists that like to work solo, it doesn’t work well to be unkom idla yodwa, and here you don’t have to get a famous artist on 2 of our big songs we used Magibela because he has a great voice for qgom, but when time came for amapiano we had to leave him coz we could manage and we did. So let’s say the song we did on our own was not good we need help. We would have looked for help from people who does the genre we were approaching. So embrace help.
Services we offer at Spliff Entertainment
  1. Do music with your best friend (Mature Best Friend or your Gf)
    This point will be counterintuitive but why this person. 1st of all you need to define your a best friend and see if you have anything in common. This show is about friends doing music not doing crime. we not partners in crime we partners in business you may not know us and thinks we pushing some ego or lying to you I dare you to Google us. my point being if you referring to your old buddy from primary and you suddenly meet in a show and now you decide to start a group it’s not going to work. This is how it’s happen to us, maybe it’s not going to work for you but hear us out.
    we started by being friends for year while I Lwaz was busy with hip hop and Makhula busy with qgom neNdw Boyz.Our friendship became strong to the point that we wouldn’t let each other down in every endeavor we are taking. So that how you should start. Because you start with others bakshiye endleln waste of time and money when they drop you.
    Gf Part comes from our other Friend Jozlina who mixes our songs he does Music with his love of his life. You cannot go wrong in that they have been in No.1 countless times on Mtv base top 10. They apply their chemistry well its works.
  1. Don’t wait to build a team.
    Don’t wait for a manager or producer that you can use for free .don’t wait for anything. If you want to make this hit show your friend this video And ask sngahlulwa yin ,we can do this…its might be a challenge spending say a budget of R2500 in a period of 3 months but it will be worth it. Pay for studio, artwork, and boosting of a song as well as mixing and mastering on this money that your team. Since maybe you are friends of two or three divide R2500 by number of yourselves and contribute.
Today’s gift for everyone reading
  1. After you released the song push it (digitally) like crazy.
    We going to start by saying something unpopular on this point, you no longer need and free performance exposure 2get recognized, expose you on all social Medias. Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, tumbler, youtube ECT…organize neat links and don’t let a day or 3 hours without posting your hot song. So this how it happened to us maybe we have never talked about it but it’s happen coz we true friends. If I see Makhula posting I feel guilty and like I’m not playing my part so I post as well… I invite my friends to like our page, he does the same we want this as bad. If they ask you to come and perform charge them because they see your hard work so you will be able to be motivated and push more.

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Save Money while you working on that hit song.
Lets us elaborate negotiate services studios , beats , artwork and booking get a fair price so you won’t have to wait too long to raise money and loose spirit of a song. Say we have so much we would like to come and record there politely.
Hope you learned and enjoyed this 1st episode next week or anytime after that we will have more content like this for you to make powerful music and entertain people .this are ULwaz No Makhula we are out see you on the next one washa wena!

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