Why average people thinks they know everything?

The most respected philosophical thinker of all times call sacroties was qoutes saying : the real wisdom is knowing that’s I know nothing

So what’s about you , when you talk to people what’s do you talk about? Are you type of person who have all the answers and disagree to others or on the other hand you agree add always add?
Today we will talk about this behavior

  1. General knowledge is everywhere

People thinks they know because they listen to their friends ,to the news and read different types of blogs that’s ain’t written by professionals.

Take a covid case for instance everyone has a say ,but nothing seems to matter the only thing that’s matters is following regulations.

The approach of topics we talk about is taken lightly yet they affect us in our lives others influence their friends with wrong information and a youtuber tries to get add teaching a subject poorly or from a good source but failure to interpretation leads to get distorted data.

  1. People thinks their smart cause their a bit older

Ever watch a parent argue with a smart kid until a mother or a dad promises a whipping if the child don’t stop asking such questions?

This may be question about god or law and so on and we as parents never agree that’s my child we don’t know but we believe is worth doing.

Or like my mother says we were born things like this and you not going to change them, you see for me we always argue about money and marriages on how expensive this things are and always thinks of a simpler cheaper way.

But the arguments becomes stronger from adults and a bit personal and intimidating cause they have been through it ,my main concern is losing all this money for one day worth it and go back to work and graph again?

  1. They’re not curious enough

When you think you know ,then there is no room for improvement no open mindness and definitely no empathy.

But in order to have a shift you need to be curious about other things that’s seems like out of your reach and facts that’s can revolutionize your life avoid settling on old concepts and be adaptive of change.

You can act like you know but when time to perform comes you under deliver don’t be like that’s ,for myself I have admitted that’s I know so much and I leave the rest to other people I trust and who have my best interest at heart.

On contrary I can take more than I could and act like I know more than I do and remain in the same place for the rest of my life , & entertain unproductive debates and that’s a fake living.

  1. No one see him/herself average

Riding a taxi I can join the debates and only to find no one wants their points to be challenged everyone wants validation and worse from total stranger.

You don’t want to be in this neediness of social acceptance live your own life and cultivate your own powerful ideas and take what’s other people rumble about in general sense with a grain of salts.

And stay away from information that’s won’t do you any good , no lesson or awareness to gain rather stay with your thoughts and eat from the best minds in the world thus you can fled from being another spec of dust opening their mouths speeding corona .

  1. They base their knowledge on assumptions and hear about than reliable source

News on tv and radio can be misleading due to the political play in place and monetary benefit to the broadcaster and the fact that’s this institutions can be government owned say something else.

Yet people still stand by tabloids negativity and terrible news that’s aint newsworthy and tv propaganda and once a person finds himself right once assumes that’s he is genius.

Since average person doesn’t read books except textbooks for formal education and that’s is scemed through for marks ,you cannot take what’s people say to heart and use it to guide your life.

As a person who wants to be better than average you must make a conscious choice on your consumption of data ,don’t diminish people’s views upright but don’t digest it quickly luckily we have sites like qoura and digest with great information unlike

Facebook Qoura has substance people go there to answer people’s curiosity and lack of answers yet twitter and Facebook are just chat for fun and amusement you rarely get good insights unless you follow the right people.

Thanks for checking this blog out ,I know I haven’t been posting much lately my apologies. But I like being missed I notice the response is high when I have been gone. But it’s not just that’s I found a new job and as of writing this im at work anything I can do to balance things and not lose connection with you.

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What are you working towards?

Today’s topic might sounds like I’m talking about goals ,not far from it but we going to discover that’s goals are not a fixed resolution they always change according to found new information. With that’s said there should be a driving force in your life for other’s is family ,while for other is financial security and overall happiness and as a human species we all value this things but in different levels without waste of time let’s make it into point form so it will be easy to digest.

  1. What’s the main goal?

Here we are talking the one that’s seems unrealistic to you and people around you but you chasing it anyway. Other’s may say never give up ,but it’s easy because they don’t know the sacrifices you already made and how much your life is on hold just because of this major achievement. See this goal has mini ones that’s keep the momentum going and without those maybe you would’ve gave up long time ago.

I’m not going to make examples because you might get carried away, you should have saw it by now and get a confirmation that’s you not alone and you on the right track.

2. Are you going to keep going or you have already given up (Hoping to never regret this moment)?

Are you taking, a what if road or give it your all? Are you strong enough for the road ahead or you throwing the towel hoping your kids won’t ask you one day that’s what’s you wish you could have become?.

What’s happens to you if you find yourself in the windfall? You run out of things to invest in or you think food, shelter and family security? I know a mom goal is to raise a kid well to see that kid make it that’s a huge goal although a mother can do her best raising the kid ,she don’t know how the child will turn out and even odds but positivity works in everything you put your heart to.

I don’t want to make a picture of a perfect life because there is none ,but what’s we should strive for is being in relationships where we can speak our minds but humility enough to filter what’s necessary but don’t keep what’s hurting you inside just because you are scared of the other half or of the best friend. Of cause compromises and disagreement will be there but they should not tare you apart or end up accepting the other version of a family member that’s frightening you to come home.

Any strategic and meaningful way to deal with problems at home is recommended,I can say although my relationship with my brother is not bad we have grown to understand one another and we don’t get to one another skin .We know our place and my mother tried to get us close but that’s ended up happening by its own miracle ,we still different in many ways but I’m hoping we going to find common ground and be able to look after the grandmother home.

At work thinking about home as well

3. Rekindling your senses and the best in you.

You are getting grim and tight face why is that’s you feeling aging already? Get back your spark and start living again for me that will be purely waking up all my music dreams and get back to the studio. You use to have such a sense of humour, what’s happening are you working backwards on that’s department?

Although this must not always the case you need to get serious now and then but life comes at all angles, don’t suppress life challenges with a fake smile. Are you working towards manifesting your real emotions and work on them adding some sort of self control.

4. Is developing your mind a priority?

Maybe it’s still easy for me to read books and get some perspective about life. But what are about you reading this is catchy topics only thing you read? Get the book with a full content and make sense of it , people don’t read and thinks they compete with people who read books and I’m not just talking about those who reads and do nothing about what’s they read.

Internet has a lot of bad stuff but I assure you the good stuff is there as well, the only thing I cannot encourage is getting on social media and debates this mind tools I saw there too much conflicting ideas from a post to a comments. Do yourself and get books related to the line of work you want to do or things you want to fix in your life.

Your mind will always tell you what’s to do and if your mind controls your actions, what’s do you wish to make a habit to your mind so you will do automatically? I’m leaving you questions because you already know the answers and don’t make your guru success a north star have your own and reach for them using your mentor map to get to it.

Remember this the things we claim to want more in life chances when we got them won’t matter that’s much ,here I’m talking about material things including your spouse until you learn to live with him or her then it will be worth it to have him in your life. Cars I know they make us efficient but on the other hand they need to be taken care of and if you not fit enough you might get stuck.

5. Are you working backwards?

I may be tackling other subject while you are stuck elsewhere and without doing my job and wake you I would’ve failed myself because I’m putting time to this blogs so the ROI should be life changing. So are you trying to get that’s high you experienced in your high school farewell?

Are you still expecting the love you received from the first 6 months of your relationship? Are you still prioritizing memories with your unmarried friends going out and partying while you married now?

If so why don’t you take your family with you, see as I’m growing and experiencing some serious transition my friends from my twenties I’m starting to view them in the rear view mirror since we are choosing the different paths and I don’t want to force them into my life cause I’m changing rapidly as well all I can is I’m not happy with others choices while some are doing well and that’s progress take a toll on our relationship.

They feel it and direct it straight to their heads clearly we’ve been pretending all along and this shows me more of human nature than friends taking different directions. So trying to force this relationship will mean I value more the old experience of the past.

In closing build forward not backwards, learn from your failure and never repeat those errors are grateful for the great times and aspire for better ones with people will substance and values of growth.

We are some of our experiences and we are the average of our surroundings and what’s I have done to remove dirt is to charge people for my time as services no matter who they use to be with me. Cause if I don’t they will feel the void in their lives and try to squeeze themselves and misuse my energy.

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Why average people think alike and why you should avoid it

The purpose of this Blog and its articles, it’s to help the readers become the better version of themselves. Thanks god we started this as ULwaz No Makhula, although I’m not making god a pedestal it’s just a metaphor no offence. So according to this title normal people thinks and acts the same way and you should get out of that’s trap. So in this piece I will explain what’s I mean in point form and I want to be blunt with you I rarely do research on this topics, mostly it’s my observations and the way I look at the world around me. This content is good for you if you are a professional ordinary person or ordinary, ordinary person .Our goal here is to help you guys become way well.

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  1. They see the same business opportunities

The reason this article exist it’s because of this point only, but bear with me on other points as well because bonuses are usually life altering. The fact that’s us normal people cannot look ahead in the future is a misstep on its own ,we are lagging behind on this and we need to pick ourselves and start figuring what’s exactly might happen in the future in terms of the world of business. That’s way we will act accordingly. The only way to do this is through reading books about things that’s are still seems like myths and impossible to happen like artificial intelligence as well as Space travel ,Flying cars and so on. So that’s when those things manifests we will be in top of our game and be ahead to seize those opportunities.

Now today here in South Africa Level 4 Lockdown, open a new business that’s seemed to be dormant before, selling the face masks. The problem is people didn’t anticipate this moment. Mast were important from the beginning of this virus, but no one thought it’s would last for so long until it’s a mandatory thing for the whole country. Then the government announced and the doors flood open, and everyone in the city was trying to capitalize on this same thing.

I would like to appreciate the effort though from people in my country for taking that’s move and manage to compete with pharmacies on price. Earlier on myself I could but R40 mask it was too expensive, now it’s just a commodity I can get it for R10. Now this goes back to appreciating people to be creative and sew this, with that’s said most of the industries needs to be disrupted by a average person like you so the prices won’t sky rock, because you won’t only see the opportunity, but also the need to make everyday person to get that’s item, but leave it to big companies its will turn to a scarce and something for rich people only. On this point I can go forever if you can take anything here take the fact that’s you can start something from the scratch and make people realize they needed it and eventually its will become a need and you won’t have a hard time selling.

2. Social proof and you should be aware of it and avoid it

So I studies a book called influencing phycology which deals which knowing how people thinks and how you can influence them to comply in your needs. One of them is Social proof, as people if we see other people doing something, it’s easy for us to do it as well without really think about it logically. I will make two examples on this , one is Comedians from KwaMashu who were making a joke at Workshop Durban , they joined the cue one by one , and the last person came and ask ,what’s it’s this cue for?

 And the guy at the end answered, I saw them standing and I stood as well, instead of that’s guy leaving he continue the cycle, that’s was social proof at steroids. By this point you should avoid thinking like most people, question the norm, I disagree that’s life is to the internet and money will be made there, but my friend has a great conviction about that’s.

 I think money has been made here already, is there potential for more of Couse, but not like before. There are industries out of here that’s will never their intrinsic value , like agriculture and transport and there are more like manufacturing stuff .So instead of all of us coming here and taking those chances , we have a better chance at dealing with energy problem and revolutionize the world. Water seems to be the problem and you can see this is taken lightly but other companies overseas are going to capitalize on it. We are surrounded by water but maybe we can figure out a way to manipulate that’s see water into a drinkable liquid ,this assumption is not coming from a science background but like you and me I’m sure that’s thought has crossed your mind. The question is why there are no efforts towards that’s .Bills are no good trust me, they limit our potential with money, If government can encourage experiments like it’s did on technology, math’s and science.

3. We all think someone has already took an initiative to fix the community problem

If as a community we are minding our businesses all the time, and dismiss what we can does as society. Only pandemics will make us realize we need each other. In my township we all assume someone has called municipality to fix electricity. Now let’s look at it this way, how quick would the problem be fixed if 10 homes call one after another? Don’t you think it will be a matter of minutes?

Fixing a road, you can do it and don’t expect praise and let it be a bonus. I heard the stories that’s high achievers and high earning people has a different way of viewing things ,Average people asks why e.g. Motsepe isn’t fixing the road from the place he grew up in or where he lives? And the response from the public figure, by staying in that’s area they add value. I agree with that’s and really supports,, now can’t you add your own value but doing something about that’s road as well ?

This is the better way to look at it as well, the famous guy earns millions and pay more tax, then average person so he has played his part already.

4. They don’t understand the discipline concept and most of them thinks it’s something else.

When I was an average person, I thought discipline is respect. I don’t know why and that’s took time to get out of my head. In a simple short made definition. Discipline for me is doing something hard for a long whole without losing enthusiasm , for example reading ,gym ,learning a certain course , writing a book , being a certain professional . All those things needs discipline. Running a YouTube channel, blog or a Facebook page, I’m not say having those things and no content no I mean really use them every day. The only thing average people do well is their jobs because its pays their bills and they’re quick to settle on a position and stop growing. Unlike the C.E.O or boss of that’s company who learn something new every day.

So I encourage you to start doing something that’s will move you self-discipline forward and really boost your brain muscle. Don’t come across a term many times and not knowing its meaning like I use to , Don’t not understand people way of thinking , that’s will help you know yourself more. As I’m writing this I pay more attention into my mind,it’s always want me to make decisions and I always need to choose the good one 80% of the time or you will never see this articles if I let the wrong side of my brain take over, the problem its will always be there, all I have to do is beat it, 90% of the time.

It’s not easy,it’s hard but that’s life and there are a lot of things that’s I still need to overcome once I do, I will come back and brag, so that’s why I need to deal with them as soon as I can. So I challenge you to comment below with things you have overcame in your life. I want to stress something here while I’m in this point, don’t be strong in one angle of your life try to balance everything. I see people who are fit but they’re broke ,they don’t take care of their money habits , you need to work on that’s as well . Others are rich and their relationships crumble and others are social media junkies like I use to still am a bit, but I’m slowly moving away cause I know what’s I want with my life

5. Because they have excuses and blame to protect themselves with

There’s a little boy here at home called Mnqobi , he has excuses and blame others for almost anything .So this is a great skill of selling  ,he sells us wrong things thought he is a good manipulator and I will try to play my part to teach him responsibility and accountability. See I believe my grandmother and my mother groomed us well because now me and my brother we are able to admit to things and deal with consequences.

 This got to me when I was young as a boy I was scared of belt hitting from my parents. They sometimes forgive you if you speak the truth, rarely they hit you, that’s way along the way I knew truth can set you free. So making excuses to avoid tasks or want those responsibilities is bad, kid or not it’s worse if you are an adult and you don’t take your loses like a man or a woman.

I can call it a crime, if you always, get away with your mistakes by attributing them to being other people’s deeds or they gave you wrong information or if they told me to wait. Once we all take responsibilities for our actions and inactions we will be better of. Because the day you realize that’s you are in this life alone, you will know that’s really your life is yours. You can die alongside with 10 people in a car accident but a person that’s will still matter the most to you is?

Well I was getting ready to get to bed when I started this article ,but because I don’t have any schedule ,once its hit me ,I get down to it. And I need average of 5 aticles per week to last the following week. No last minutes here so I hope you got something out of this.

You don’t need a new hit, you need a budget

Today’s piece is inspired by the conversation we are having with a lady cheese McKenzie , we were supposed to do a song long time ago , now she asks why that’s hasn’t happen now I had to explain that’s we now acting like big companies , we don’t do a song without a budget now check outs this points for more information.

  1. It’s pointless to do a song without a plan.

The mistake I always tell artists to avoid on this blog is don’t do things for free ,now I want to add ,don’t rush to ask for money if you are not there yet practice and grow and see when you ready to charge and know you can manage to keep money coming in and don’t end up with one sale per month. Getting back to my point as you are getting paid to do music related things you also need to pay people who will create awareness about you and your music…

No matter how small is a budget #cash
  1. Music Video
  2. Mixing and Mastering
  3. Submission and Plugging
  4. Public Relation (Magazines and Newspaper and Blogs)

Bear in mind other of these things you can do for yourself so start by taking your chances before getting a middle man or you will get screwed all your life for being lazy and ignorant. But for musicians for now these above costs are fixed and technology improves with a price.

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One day your investments will double
  • 2 Who you do a song with

Featuring anyone will cost you your brand reputation, firstly featuring someone unknown won’t take you anywhere instead it will make awareness of that’s person unless that’s person is really good like the guy we featured on Vosho called Caleb. You need someone who comes and add value on a song not someone who comes and make people wonder why you put this person on a song. On Vosho the vocalist did song great to the point that’s people wants to feature him and we grateful for that’s its show we made a conscious choice.

Here you don’t use a friendship to work with a person ,other thing I want to stress if the person is part of a song not featured he’s investment on a song should be same as ya’ll ,if the track succeed he wins like ya’ll do and if its fail you know the story. But I want to add some people have big name brads already and by featuring that’s person is 100% of contribution and he wants to earn 50% afterwards its fine don’t argue , you have a lot to lose compare to him.

  • 3 Put together some budget and push the hit you did 5 years ago.

Song’s of the year are normally old songs ,why because when that’s people did that’s song ,they were hungry and didn’t think they will make it eventually .So this point might say record a song like you record a song of the year because we might never know. But get back to the point you not lacking Hits , you lack money or you have money but you don’t see your music as a great investment because you don’t know when this will pay off ,so new sneakers win. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life but portion of your income should go to music if you are a artist and as of writing here 90% of mine this year is going to music and the reason being I think I have reached my tipping point and the habit is good knowing that’s girls are not eating my money, stores are not eating my money but what’s I have dedicated my only life to does.

Here is the little secret, there is information we want to reveal face to face the day we meet because it will be more effective then telling it here. How bad you want this info its will depend on you reaching out. So we not saying save a money for a single no the money you get do something related to a single which will make it ready for the world.

I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! Let me handle my business, damn!Hip-hop is more about attaining wealth. People respect success. They respect big. They don’t even have to like your music. If you’re big enough, people are drawn to you.I’m far from being god, but I work god damn hard.

Jayz , Shawn Corey Carter

  • 4 Don’t record everyday

When you starting out its okay to record everyday and strengthen your muscle of being an artist. But now you know your story learn other aspect of music that’s you don’t know like reading articles like this ,and learn more about what’s you need to do to be different in your industry. So I have made it easy , you can read 1 article a day and become smarter or go straight to a book but I know us black people we dread reading instead of trying another hit ,try reading ,how to make a hit song. Budget your time as much as you budget your money ,I know producers don’t seems to have a long term goal that’s isn’t tied to an artist and for all of my friends there get away from that’s notion artists dumps producers every day with or without success while you have dedicated your life to make him a star , he wakes up one day and decides to be a alcoholic and be cool around his neighborhood so I thought I should put that’s in there .On Budgeting time I was trying to say we as producers we tend to spend most of our time in a computer without knowing what’s project is important ,here how I measure myself ,what’s can I do that’s will pay me money for sure , not now but in a very near future then beats are now my answer and its wasn’t always like that’s ,I built beats for years and gave it to my artists for free and I lost lot of money because even when we sold cdz truth and honesty didn’t play part so I let it go , now I sell my beats its what’s I do every day and I have customers ,if I could stop now its would be a huge mistake and I want to correct this here , big artists are not my customers upcoming artists are. So instead of recording and so on I write this even though I still don’t know how I’m going to benefit but music started this way as well, passion and love to help people like me.

Collabo by Swing ft Mphako & R-saijo
  • 5 When you have a budget, back it up with a hit.

Trap music seems to be garbage to old school artists, and I’m sure there is that’s to it but we have some hits as well, what’s this trappers normally have is money their background is usually good but talents lacks now I want to contradict myself make hits so that’s you will win people’s hearts even if you pay for them to hear your work. We know people loves anything on media ,but can you imagine being loved by most people even those who have specific genre just because you good at yours? People like Lucky Dube did reggae but we know they cause they were universal apart from being backed by companies and soon enough we going to show you guys that’s companies are illusions and are there to make money out of artists and create jobs ,unless we found the companies , people who doesn’t know music will come in a pay the budget that’s we are talking about and control everything you spit on the microphone , what’s to say and what’s not to say and no one artist loves that’s , we are matured enough to know what’s deliver or not A&R are important but we are the foundations ,that’s why as artists we should feed our minds with good information and TV series we watch so our songs will have rich content. So make a hit as a guarantee that’s your song is repeated not just by radio but by fans.

Well that’s how my  day end with you today come back tomorrow and have a daily dose of growth and actually do things we suggests and come back for a feedback , we not trying to inspire you here or motivate you .we just tell you what’s you can do to reach the level we at. So do follow ULwaz No Makhula in all social media so you will see we are for real. Bonus point

  • 6 Try to have above average budget

I think this is the most important point ,before I elaborate as I’m writing this script know maybe I might give up one day and not live up to my words , giving up means I died too soon or lost my voice or lost my mind is some way loll. But where im going with this if your life is made out of a passion , creative work any art or you’ve grow to love your work to the point that’s you could work for free .Do this instead of investing certain percentage on your craft ,music or painting or whatever invest all your money and time in it for at least 2 years and see if there wont be a difference. Now how do I suggest you do this . Things like

  1. Putting your work on Radio and TV
  2. Boost a song online
  3. Have a famous ambassador representing your brand & PR
  4. Booked in big gigs

This things are so expensive to the point that’s most artists thinks are only for celebrities ,while the opposite is really the truth ,this is what’s makes celebrities in the first place .Companies invests in these things for their artists and collects the royalties & now we have people like Dj Maphorisa competing with big companies because they realized where to put their money and the guy isn’t really working hands on music but uses the best talent he can get like Dj tira and I respect this guys and I only suggests they should expand their portfolio and learn other businesses like Meek Mill and Jayz cause the new term we all just learnt about called Pandemic proves to us all that’s we need to be way smarter and yet fundamental to survive. Goodbye