How to make life worth it (Artists & as a Person)

Hi todays article is based on my life experience and knowledge I have acquired and I’m not trying to be absolute and controversial but having a view on life is the best state to be at because most people and musicians drifts through life without an awareness of what’s going on outside and within them in their minds and life. Others think life is hard or is how to be certain way and other spend their days sitting around the tuck shops and showing not eager to win at life and become something of themselves so today we wish to open your eyes at least by an inch and make you see you could be someone better not someone average and who is a normal rapper who will quite after getting a 9-5 job.

  • 1 Get out of a crowds and negative routines.

You might be a lady , you normally have girls together and say you enjoy life with other girls your age and drink alcohol and have a blast that’s good but is that’s aligned with your life goals and purpose?

We not trying to change anyone here but let’s do an experiment here if your birthday is so important then every year you have a massive loss in a form of investment in this day and if you don’t have cash that’s time you go to debt because this is a once in a year situation right? Wrong look you need to get out of the bubble and realize you aren’t getting any younger and start curving a purpose for yourself and invest on that’s and become the best version of yourself ,that’s may mean changing that’s circle of friends and those drinking habits. Because if there is 10 of you ,you guys do this 10 times or more per year and already behind by a mile compare to someone who reads books and watch great YouTube channels to help him/her sane. I recommend Channels like @ALUX.COM on YouTube and SUCCESSTV (with red and black logo and VALUETAINMENT for you to start on this path of success and make your life worth it.

  • 2 Don’t binge social media limit yourself in it?

Even if you market something on places like Facebook, twitter, instar, tiktok and more have it on a system and have a room for your sanity and loneliness where you can think and meditate or hit some pushups. Just condition yourself and I want to advice you something take the pain of boredom and experience it so where you get a chance to go out there and live life, work and so on you will grab it with both hands and be gratitude. Today I learn that’s Lockdown is happening for the second time and I’m writing this as a grateful person cause I’m in the zone and I’m using this time to help my fellow human kind like me in this noisy culture we living in. Key of this point don’t let your bad behavior get all over you without a fight , challenge them in short , challenge your mind and tell it what’s to do and not be told by it all the time. Take control of your life and start building yourself good habits. If you take this and try it, it’s going to be hard but don’t swear it. Just improve and create strategies to deal with your anxieties and times where you feel a bit depressed. Today Mphako’s Video played on Mtv Base and this positive thing made me realize through our talent and hobby we have inspired kids from my neighborhood because they saw it and talked about it, instead of a negative event of guys stealing cars or robbery which shows another side of life which is not good for society.

If you don’t learn from history , yourl be stuck in the past

  • 3 Be curious of how things come to be.

For me knowing I can always learn something new makes my life worth it, in some aspect of my life I might have to improve but knowledge acquiring I have become way better and I’m proud of that’s .If you can follow the channels I recommended on YouTube and try to avoid looking at topics that’s won’t help you and focus on those in line with how you can better yourself then your curiosity will be filled day by day. All I ask is for you to take action on actionable steps we suggest or reading this won’t help you .last channel I forgot is Grand cardone see you don’t have to take every advice they give but 1% will change your life and view of life .

We are aware of the situation of Covid 19 and Please stay home

  • 4 Try all the things that’s has a potential to better your life.

I grow up knowing and thinking school is the only thing needed to better my life but now I know knowledge and how to do something is what’s will change my life. It’s doesn’t matter if I got it in college or online school for as long as I can do it I’m good to go. To my second point jobs in South Africa require some sort of diploma or degree to get employed and be in a position but that’s can be limiting to other things other people want to do with their lives, Books have more information than what universities offer but you need to be disciplined to be able to do it by yourself but you can try if you don’t have money to pay tuition fee just buy data and get busy download free pdfs and so on. I can’t wait to be rich to share this kind of information Couse that’s certain it’s going to happen and by then I might not have time to write like this .SO try to get things you want in many ways, we live in the world that’s is runned and operates with money meaning money of the important of things should be on top, to the point that’s you should be weary of someone asking you to do something for free.

  • 5 Having family as important as them not interfering to your personal life

Family has been portrayed as the most important aspect of life and I agree but I want to and that’s you should be able to survive if they all die at the same time and you luckily made it. I know this example is extreme but this point only means be your own person and try to have a conversation with your family to let you try doing things differently your own way for as long as it’s not killing people or anything that’s is not striving to better yourself. In the start of 2018 I decided to stop watching TV and payoff has been amazing because things I think about lately are really mind-blowing and they are aligned with my life purpose and cause ,I don’t think much about news and episodes playing on TV because they really not going to help me in anyway. I got a job and I had to live inside my work, so normal person would want to buy a TV the moment they arrive for me it was a blessing in disguise being there, I focused on my healthy eating because at home it’s hard the kind of food they cook is not good in a long run. There was no distractions from my reading and gym. Now I’m back home because I could use freedom and my brother needed the job more than I did and my secret is I still spend most of my time in my room and with my friends on whatsapp who happens to be number 1 customers of my beats and who visits my blog so I’m grateful.

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5 Things not to do in stage

Welcome to another segment of ULwaz no Makhula Show where we teach artists like us whets we have applied to make our songs stand out on social media which led to having them popular around the world.

Its not whats you don’t know thats hurts you , its whats you know thats isn’t so


[Durban Inanda, April 3, 2020 Friday]

1. Don’t waste time introducing yourselves and spoiling the show momentum.

We always ask big dogs in the game to constantly make conferences so they can tell us about this stuff. Have you ever see Black Coffee busy shouting his name before he plays no. Have you ever see Duncan saying hold it my selector Hi my name is Duncan from KwaMashu No. any big act get to work when they get on stage because they know they will do their best work and people they will ask each other who was that . Then word of mouth maybe by then they will be sourber enough to follow you on socials. This also set the bar low, imagines getting after ULwaz No Makhula and do this just Kidding but you get the point…let’s move on to.

associations make a person

 2. Don’t start performing without knowing the arrangement of your set.

Skip , Skip , Skip while we payed to see you do your thing now you and your Dj are making us fans to lose our mojo.And the Promoter is looking at you on the VIP Section. So avoid this know your set by heart if you going to use their resident dj. Its makes you look unprofessional and when your time is over you will be mad on the host for doing his work cutting you cause you were ski skip loll.

this is one way to perfom

3. Don’t play with booze on hand, or don’t perform drunken period.

Okay this one may offend a lot of people even our allies but that not our goal, our goal is to help young boys like us take action towards their talent with this tools in hand. We don’t drink but we have seen people literally drinking their career down the drain. Avoid alcohol in business settings, if you treat music as business doesn’t drink before your studio session and before your performance. I don’t know if it’s true but Ambitious Entertainment doesn’t sign you if you drink alcohol so for all of us aspiring to be signed lets choose our poisons wisely.

4. Don’t do your moves at the VIPs session (You diminishing your brand).

Be peoples person, laugh at the event, engage in conversation just don’t Dance in a place you are booked in as a respected artist. Hold your standards, behave properly don’t bother the person who invited you, quiet you passion baby of wanting to kill a crowd now…I know this points are kind of out to this segment theme but this are all things you shouldn’t do. Don’t look to bored either loll yes check your phone ,but talk to your friends while waiting to perform eating for other type of genre wouldn’t be relevant but you can by some meat and eat .we are also guilty here we don’t eat in shows but that have to change. It will make the experience more memorable R100 per person then you good to go. So the key to this point don’t be centre of unnecessary attention.

We were booked to perfom on fs tour

5. Don’t be late, If you early try to perform if threes an opening.

This point is all about humbling yourself , most upcoming artist may want to act like celebrities  when they start to get some gigs , if there’s a time slot try sticking to it or do much better be there when there’s a gab of someone late.. Understanding the promoters frustration will work on your favor, whether your dope was amazing or not he/ she will remember you on the next show .Being late is not acceptable in any place even church so in life try to keeping track of your time always set an hour more unless you are a busy person by nature that means you will make use of your schedule as usual….

This episode wasn’t easy putting together if you can add please add on the comments , if this video was insightful like it and most importantly Subscribe and press the notification so you will know when we back for more…as for ULwaz No Makhula we have a new single called USgidi its should appear on you Google. Before we love you and leave you Bonus.

Latest Dance song we will perfom

6. Don’t forget to pay attention while others are on stage coz you will get in eventually.

Paying attention is cheap but most artists take it for granted, our artists here don’t have a privilege of making a sound check so, there will be surprises no matter how good the sound is. Look few performances and see whets not to do. Where the mic makes lot of noise, how far can you go with a cordless mic before singing for yourself loll, why others you can’t hear them are they holding mic incorrectly.

Study the crowd which songs do they vibe to the most , if it’s your 1st time get your nerves early and think of how can you avoid chocking ,should you use a song or a beat coz the sound is bad ..Look at all that then go in and blow them away.

Hope you learned and enjoyed this episode next week or anytime after that we will have more content like this for you to make powerful music and entertain people .this are ULwaz No Makhula on all socials we are out see you on the next one washa wena!