Corporal Punishment by Wize

Full Length mixtape

Due to popular demand, we decided to drop the who mixtape at once and have my fans enjoy the whole project. The idea is also to create a space to hype the upcoming E.p I am Wize. Download Below

I’m sure you are curious as to why the visuals are black and white well that’s the theme of the moment but below is a colorful original cover of this project, which was moving on the street like you know what back then. Scroll down to get Wize 100 bars as well

What are you working towards?

Today’s topic might sounds like I’m talking about goals ,not far from it but we going to discover that’s goals are not a fixed resolution they always change according to found new information. With that’s said there should be a driving force in your life for other’s is family ,while for other is financial security and overall happiness and as a human species we all value this things but in different levels without waste of time let’s make it into point form so it will be easy to digest.

  1. What’s the main goal?

Here we are talking the one that’s seems unrealistic to you and people around you but you chasing it anyway. Other’s may say never give up ,but it’s easy because they don’t know the sacrifices you already made and how much your life is on hold just because of this major achievement. See this goal has mini ones that’s keep the momentum going and without those maybe you would’ve gave up long time ago.

I’m not going to make examples because you might get carried away, you should have saw it by now and get a confirmation that’s you not alone and you on the right track.

2. Are you going to keep going or you have already given up (Hoping to never regret this moment)?

Are you taking, a what if road or give it your all? Are you strong enough for the road ahead or you throwing the towel hoping your kids won’t ask you one day that’s what’s you wish you could have become?.

What’s happens to you if you find yourself in the windfall? You run out of things to invest in or you think food, shelter and family security? I know a mom goal is to raise a kid well to see that kid make it that’s a huge goal although a mother can do her best raising the kid ,she don’t know how the child will turn out and even odds but positivity works in everything you put your heart to.

I don’t want to make a picture of a perfect life because there is none ,but what’s we should strive for is being in relationships where we can speak our minds but humility enough to filter what’s necessary but don’t keep what’s hurting you inside just because you are scared of the other half or of the best friend. Of cause compromises and disagreement will be there but they should not tare you apart or end up accepting the other version of a family member that’s frightening you to come home.

Any strategic and meaningful way to deal with problems at home is recommended,I can say although my relationship with my brother is not bad we have grown to understand one another and we don’t get to one another skin .We know our place and my mother tried to get us close but that’s ended up happening by its own miracle ,we still different in many ways but I’m hoping we going to find common ground and be able to look after the grandmother home.

At work thinking about home as well

3. Rekindling your senses and the best in you.

You are getting grim and tight face why is that’s you feeling aging already? Get back your spark and start living again for me that will be purely waking up all my music dreams and get back to the studio. You use to have such a sense of humour, what’s happening are you working backwards on that’s department?

Although this must not always the case you need to get serious now and then but life comes at all angles, don’t suppress life challenges with a fake smile. Are you working towards manifesting your real emotions and work on them adding some sort of self control.

4. Is developing your mind a priority?

Maybe it’s still easy for me to read books and get some perspective about life. But what are about you reading this is catchy topics only thing you read? Get the book with a full content and make sense of it , people don’t read and thinks they compete with people who read books and I’m not just talking about those who reads and do nothing about what’s they read.

Internet has a lot of bad stuff but I assure you the good stuff is there as well, the only thing I cannot encourage is getting on social media and debates this mind tools I saw there too much conflicting ideas from a post to a comments. Do yourself and get books related to the line of work you want to do or things you want to fix in your life.

Your mind will always tell you what’s to do and if your mind controls your actions, what’s do you wish to make a habit to your mind so you will do automatically? I’m leaving you questions because you already know the answers and don’t make your guru success a north star have your own and reach for them using your mentor map to get to it.

Remember this the things we claim to want more in life chances when we got them won’t matter that’s much ,here I’m talking about material things including your spouse until you learn to live with him or her then it will be worth it to have him in your life. Cars I know they make us efficient but on the other hand they need to be taken care of and if you not fit enough you might get stuck.

5. Are you working backwards?

I may be tackling other subject while you are stuck elsewhere and without doing my job and wake you I would’ve failed myself because I’m putting time to this blogs so the ROI should be life changing. So are you trying to get that’s high you experienced in your high school farewell?

Are you still expecting the love you received from the first 6 months of your relationship? Are you still prioritizing memories with your unmarried friends going out and partying while you married now?

If so why don’t you take your family with you, see as I’m growing and experiencing some serious transition my friends from my twenties I’m starting to view them in the rear view mirror since we are choosing the different paths and I don’t want to force them into my life cause I’m changing rapidly as well all I can is I’m not happy with others choices while some are doing well and that’s progress take a toll on our relationship.

They feel it and direct it straight to their heads clearly we’ve been pretending all along and this shows me more of human nature than friends taking different directions. So trying to force this relationship will mean I value more the old experience of the past.

In closing build forward not backwards, learn from your failure and never repeat those errors are grateful for the great times and aspire for better ones with people will substance and values of growth.

We are some of our experiences and we are the average of our surroundings and what’s I have done to remove dirt is to charge people for my time as services no matter who they use to be with me. Cause if I don’t they will feel the void in their lives and try to squeeze themselves and misuse my energy.

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