5 Lessons that’s life will teach you anyway

In South Africa where I’m from especially the black community that’s I’m in learning is something people must do, but no one seems to love it .After school or graduation people reach a plateau stage of life and worse youth and children are not given enough attention to the important of learning, parents leave this jobs to teachers it’s not a habit. So today’s topic wants to tackle things that’s people are going to learn the hard way or even if they don’t like it they will any way.

  1. What’s you think your life will be like when you grow up, is going to be the opposite

Depending to who is reading this but the good thing we are all looking towards the future and we have certain dreams and things we want to do and we have a certain picture of how things will turn out. I don’t want to disappoint you but it’s not going to happen that’s way. But I don’t want to be the pessimist here, so I will leave an advice I’m following myself if you want to reach your goal at least close to what’s you envision become the better version of yourself now, and also become an above average person, in terms of your mindset. Let’s say you want to have 1000 000 in your account someday ,the 1st thing you must do is to study people who are already there and simulate most things they do from their money habits to how they spend their time this advice apply to everything you want to accomplish in life. You want a car and a big house, there are many ways to get that’s but I would look at the person who have that’s and who also have surplus of money, because you don’t want to replicate someone who is drowning on debts because of material things. It’s very important to always make a disclaimer I don’t yet have things I’m talking about, if I have it I would’ve said so, but that’s doesn’t mean my information is wrong and I won’t have this things they’re just examples, I already have some of the things I need, the rest will be a bonus and I’m grateful for that’s.

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