Patience and urgency in life is important you need to find balance

Success TV on YouTube say’s they don’t see young people in a hurry to better their lives and I tend to agree. As we grow up we not taught to have missions in life, we know about goals but we are taught as collaret to jobs, buying cars and houses and getting married although those are important they have less to do with your long term livelihood. Today we going to make examples on how life movement should be treated and I will make with myself and please take what’s I say with grain of salt and if you agree to what’s I say the moment I say it then that’s will means its resonate with you and you are making a realization which is my goal.

  1. Don’t rush big decisions and big things

For a young person could be quitting school because of repeating a class ,as much as most of the school information is not necessary in real world but dropping out of high school can create a bad habit of not sticking through tough times in life.

Adult could be getting married after 6 months in a relationship or because you have a baby with that’s person, lot of considerations needed before acting to that’s fairytale and if you already compromising some part of your life for this person the question will be, can you keep up with this behavior after you are married or its going to make your life harder?

Financial decision’s like financing a car, is not a small one but other’s do it because of the secure job they think they have the problem with that’s kind of payment is your ability to save enough or be flexible with your money this can also means at least buy a 2nd car that’s will do the work take you from point A to point B.

  • Patience to me is

Wait for month end busy to dissipate before I make quick stress less shopping, it’s also mean’s not having commitments that’s keep me in a route to the point that’s I cannot leave my present environment. It’s also means till I afford the luxury watch I want don’t open an account for it. Patience mean don’t settling for a job that’s doesn’t impact my life compare to other options I might have this doesn’t not means fooling yourself though ,if the work you can do is gardening so be it , for as long not wanting a job that’s require profession and you want to wing it. Or fake it till you make it, you will get fired the moment you get in, unless it’s a growing company and its trains its own people.

Its means not looking for highs of life in wrong places, endure the boring parts of your life. I don’t know if it’s just me but relationships and any kind of hang out end up in some spending and compromising you don’t want to find yourself in that’s position while you are trying to build a habit of saving. What’s I have done is I have created my own environment in my bedroom is a studio since I’m into music and because I have access to the internet I started this blog so no matter how bored I am I find something productive to do. To avoid missing people who don’t miss you get to do something or really value your 9-5 and make the most out of it.

Be aware of yourself ,don’t let things happen to you all the time ,make things happen for you sometimes and most of the time ,be in charge of your actions and think before reacting to what’s comes next. It’s always has been important to be in a love relationship in my life but how it’s happen, it’s always a matter of chance either I react to a stranger’s smile or entertain inbox on my social media and those have not work well for me so far and I have started to embrace to be single because then things I stress remain few and less about company I keep but money I keep and progress I’m making in things that’s I spend my time doing. I know getting a partner is something that’s I will deal with but the reason they fail for now ,I’m still figuring myself and my life purpose and this contradicts with my recent beliefs and my partners don’t help.

  • Urgency to me is

Quick to act on the right things , starting a business is a lifelong commitment don’t rush to execute but be in a hurry to start and get going and really spend time studying your industry and people who are your customers and worker’s and be paranoid but control it. Decide quick  and do ,delaying things is a bad habit but as I said above you can consider hanging out with friends or read a book .but if the option is read a book or hit a gym then no consideration necessary find a way to do both. It’s been said you need to reward yourself to motivate yourself , I will say there is no reward in life like achieving your goal and realizing it those moments in life that’s I rare and other people won’t experience them in their lifetime.

What’s fun to you? Maybe I’m talking like a businessman or abnormal person but I am very ordinary and me too I have to figure a lot in life. But since I am a musician I have been to clubs and parties as a performer and people seems to be having fun while really open to mingle and get a one night stand, since I don’t drink it’s the strategy I had hard time understanding buy a booze for a stranger with a hope that’s she will agree to come with you at your place and hit it off that’s night.

For a sober person I always take number’s and fails to follow up, but guys have cars and can really get this habit going.

Things that’s keep this successful people in their own right and mediocre to not go up and live comfortably or live ambitious purposeful living is they don’t count the financial and healthy cost of this lifestyle and they can’t maintain certain status with wasted (drunk) moments in their live. So you mustn’t aspire to succeed because you want to party hard that’s really the opposite of what’s you will be suppose to accomplish but that’s your homework.

  • Balance

For things that’s related to your long term goal, in the short term you must do them no question asked but how urgent may differ to what difference it can make now as well. That’s means don’t allude you into progress by doing things that’s won’t matter at all now and in future.

Change is important if you are trying to figure yourself in life, my beliefs change a lot because I read book and listen to them as well and many of my realizations happen during this times because sometimes I have been using the wrong strategy for a while the moment I see it doesn’t work then I change not drastically but slowly adjust and see how things go.

This happens because books contradicts sometimes and that’s where the reader come in to decide cause the key to self learning is not looking for solutions but tools to solve the challenges of life and business, if what’s you read claims to have a secrete to make a million chances its will lie to you or show you the techniques but still you won’t make that’s immediately after you have finished the book.  

The quicker you get the result the riskier it is, rush to finish line but don’t want quick result because the illusion of having a business while having a job is a big mistake. Grow your business to the point that’s you are not needed in it but don’t build slowly to the point that’s you are stuck in being an employed person in your business. What’s I have strived and approach I have used to get my business running is I save money from where ever I get it until it enough for me to start something to also hire a person that’s will replace me while I figure other things out.

  • Don’t mistake urgency for a hobby and patience for laziness.

You can be quick to go to a sport field and play soccer with a hope that’s one day you will be a superstar but we both know that’s might be love and passion pushing you not direction and sacrifice and desire to be in top of your game so be careful like me if I find doing music easy and full myself to putting the work with there is little to no progress.

Don’t say I’m being patient while being lazy of doing what’s you suppose to do, maybe I’m repeating what’s you already know and guilty of my that’s not my goal to put you a victim, my goal is to get you going if you may act now on what’s you suppose to do and thank me later then my goal will be reached.

We can summarize the whole article by don’t rush to buy, rush to sell. Don’t rush to chill rush to work. Don’t rush to commitment keep flexibility .Be the opposite of the masses. I want to close by saying do the work and have a standard for yourself and life can be in a hurry but I will suggest you get moments to deliberate that’s way you can have breakthroughs in your life. Thinking is not acting to thoughts but is to listen to your mind and decide and note of fascinating and important things your mind suggests.

Thanks for paying us a visit, as I always say I may say things without considering your position in life and you might be reading and saying it’s because I don’t know. That’s true and my humility lies with you but as long as you grow yourself now and again you have a chance to find a way out to your adversity. I agree I don’t know your environment, your level of schooling and your life baggage but imagine if you are no longer in this world ,what’s will really matter? How will you be missed? LnM be part of this blog and grow with us, follow us as ULwaz No Makhula.

Why I hesitate taking R350 relief grant and won’t take food parcels

I was struggling coming up with something to write about and that’s natural for most of the bloggers and book writers and even musicians and movie producers. So I have started to find an inspiration but I will explain that’s later for now let’s look at why you should reconsider taking government handouts.

Low prices beats Spliff_Fm

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We don’t need it

At home we not filthy rich and we are not poor either, and I don’t consider ourselves middle class as well. Maybe you too reading this know even if there is a temporary loss of income because of lockdown but I feel bad seeing our people almost everyone wanting this food parcel and R350 but same people after the lockdown will be drunk every weekend and this R350 won’t mean a thing. I get encouraged to take this money and it’s a free money but I don’t want to lie every effort I put trying to apply this money is another time I can be using focusing on my creative writing and other things that’s matters to me.

You don’t need this if you like our home and play stokvels ,that’s means we have food to put us through 6 months of lockdown but at home my mom wanted this food parcels and she knows I don’t appreciate this but out of respect I cannot do anything to oppose her. 

What’s its means for our community

I don’t want to lie, there are people who actually need help and some of us who are privilege to not have to be in those cues. Maybe one day life will show us flames to the point that’s we need to be assisted but for now that’s not the case. This means our community has not taken responsibilities of their own financial lifestyle and plan for 6 months ahead.

Two community should be giving their own before government intervention , but how can we reach that’s level if we still feel a need to take with people we consider poor ,that’s means we are also poor and personally it’s not what I would love to be label as so I’m not going to be part of the handout. I rather be in a conversation where how could I donate and help with my time and money. I’m not where I want to be financially but if our community can encourage giving this can automatically increase my level of hustle so I can have enough to give.

Our president in South Africa doesn’t give enough pep talk to his citizens , Maybe he does but no speech is trending from our previous presidents except Nelson Mandela meaning the country may work but is not motivated to change the overall situation. This might sound like winning and complaining and asking for unimportant thing in an office time but our country needs it .The point of this subtitle is if you take food parcels you not different from a hungry kid in Ethiopia ,not disrespect for those kids we should be aspiring to help them as we prosper.

It’s our right

I’m sure this is the main argument, but I’m sure we have a lot of things we need to reconsider in this country where as society we pour lot of money in. Our right in my own view should be used to empower young boys and girls who are trying to start businesses. Local leader as much as politically risky to be a hardworking leader ,councilor  or pastor you can be killed by people in the organization by trying to do write and using local government funds in a right way.

A leader should give his life to try to better the community he/ she is representing, I don’t know my counselor and I don’t use most of the services here because I really don’t know where to find them in 2019 I was a part of a riot and roadblock for needing road harms to reduce accidents and counselor came but he was powerless and told people he called someone from province department and that’s person came and promised us and we got what’s we wanted.

Having a leader that’s doesn’t have a power or resources was really mind blowing for me, and wonder what’s role did he play. But I’m not saying things that’s happens here at Inanda only I’m sure in your area you have your own experiences as well.

I don’t believe in riots and what’s ever community does violently  I believe in taking responsibility but the community is not empowered for that’s ,I may understand this individually but I still need to improve my brand to have a say and be impactful that’s my right.

So if you are reading this look at your right differently, the right to create the better version of yourself, to teach yourself important things that’s can help government and most importantly for you to be in a position of not wanting to be in cues for handouts and distress relief grants.

Free money is not worth it, unless you strategies for it

There is this country which is rich because they have oil and government pay its citizens and possibly no one is paying any taxis there. The problem with this country its obesity and lazy people it has, of cause they have a freedom the citizens but since they didn’t earn this money but given and once the oil loses value in the world or some kind of recession that’s country and its people will struggle and possible starvation. This people don’t have financial discipline.

For the world at large if a government is doing some incentive to help people during lockdown that’s ok. But this drip will stop in 6 months and can leave the reserve bank in an awkward position and tax will come back but bite us in the #ss. This is just a possible assumption and that’s can be wrong.

Strategic part is if you have some sort of business or property that’s you bought and now its feels like the money you get every month you didn’t work for then that strategy. If you look at it it’s not a free money, it’s a money made out of discipline which most of the people should learn so they won’t struggle if something happens to the 9-5 job.

We cannot all be business people or whatever but habits of good financial handling and concepts of delay gratification can be applicable to all. This is not a hidden information and I didn’t use English language because I’m smarter but because it’s a universal language.

We are being spoiled as a country and we will be weak

This is the time a country should unite and ego and pride put aside, a neighbor should be able to ask for a sugar and drink tea during this hard times. The fact that’s we cannot endure this times means we cannot handle well what’s next. Maybe its won’t happen in my life time but youth or kids may see other pandemic or our grandchildren’s will read about it and it should be putted in schools syllabus and change the past lessons that’s isn’t relevant.

If this wasn’t a red flag for a country to bet or consider on the internet for schooling and other sectors than we will be delaying progress as a country. Casualties will be there and we people now we will need to be more responsible with our action more than before. Bringing kids in this world and trusting government system to grow our kids ,should be taken back to us as parents or paying private schools because that’s will be an edge for every community in this country and every country reading this. Paying a private learning for your kid is still a responsibility for your end as a parent because getting that’s money is not easy and making sure that’s your kid is getting your money worth is still on you.

Don’t allow to get spoiled you are too old for that’s and the fact that’s life is hard. Take your L and accept that’s you didn’t anticipate this situation and try to better your kids to not be in a same situation not just through inheritance but through lesson’s about important things in life which can be summarized as Hard work, Smart work, good Financial habits and education, value of relationships and laws of nature, failure, adversity and more.

In closing this blog is going to add something in your life every time you visit it, that’s a promise so make a date with LnM. Thank you for your curiosity into why there are people out there who doesn’t like to be normal.

5 better pattern of releasing music or anything for that’s matter

You know I am a very sensitive person ,I don’t know why but it’s because I have increased my awareness in life so I wouldn’t  allow you to come here and show me a picture of a dead person cause that’s night it will mess with my sleep cycle. But if I listen to a song with a violence nothing happen so as we touching on how many times you should release songs ,I might add that’s maybe in your location music don’t last in terms of people playing and enjoying it. But I want to give you an advice teach your fans your own manageable routine. As you can see this does not apply to musicians only, authors, business people, Arts artists and so on you can use this examples in your own work.

Old mediums of releasing music and digital content

  1. Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower / capitilizer?

We are seeing songs about #Coronavirus and #Lockdowns meaning this songs will never be classics and shows the level of creativity some artists have and them being opportunists. The negative on this is an artist does not have a substance and a real reason why people follow him/her, there is no cause or style he represents. Meaning there is no particular time to release so for us we don’t recommend this strategy.

We suggest you get out of the noise of trends and give people something else to talk about and stick to your normal schedule.

So for anticipation reasons and ability to capitalize on one song at a time. A rule of thumb is, if the song is still hot don’t interrupt it with another song, make money out of it and repeat.

Doing it for myselfDoing it for my family
Doing it for human kindDon’t know why im doing this
Ask yourself this questions.

2 How long should I wait before I release another song?

If you want to release lot of songs for your audience, release E.P or Mix tape and most preferably Album and try to make this cash cow as possible or otherwise you will be wasting your time. For a single 3 months is a best minimum , push one song for the average of this time , we see others keep releasing and its seems like they’re worried about fading away or something .We suggest you don’t worry about that’s much and try other ways to keep yourself relevant.

  • 3 You don’t need a pattern if you don’t have a budget in place.

You will disappear in a thin air if you release without a plan and there is a article dealing with this specifically. So have a budget and priorities of this is what’s I will bet on as a vehicle to push this single. It’s may be PR , Marketing and distribution or Radio Plugging and so on , I see a lot of artists making a mistake of wanting this services from unprofessional people or companies. Look you will lose money if you naïve , I don’t specialize in the above things but I can recommend some companies for you and hear me well I will be recommending not telling because the marketing campaigns might not work and I don’t want to be to blame.  

  • 4 Don’t look at other artists patterns of releasing music, focus on you.

Big Zulu releases everytime, he already has an audience which for you reading this might be something you gatta build. He’s seeing his efforts and he is really productive, releases music videos for his songs so that’s a proper strategy there. What’s about you why you will drop next week? To bother people and ask them to push you? Or to try your luck and send Dj Tira or Oskido your link? That’s strategy is overused and be careful we made a mistake as ULwaz No Makhula to send links too early ,when songs were not in great quality and while we were not visible on Google. Some artists do music because they know someone at the top and that’s can be an advantage but what’s happens after he has talked on your behalf? Can you deliver or you will ruin his reputation? that’s why you should work hard and smart to prove you are a force to be reckon with then use that’s contact and then maybe you can present your strategy in your new team, and say this is how I release music and I know there will be lot of work and gigs but let’s try to be consistence with this.

  • 5 Know you may have personal challenges that’s might prevent you from your usual routine.

This point is simply for routine so here how this work ,you work in advance and place the online release dates on line ,get some Social media apps and place the links accordingly and announce the release dates then prepare YouTube video schedules as well and the campaigns on all social medias . Others may frequently require you to authorize, you can deal with that’s when the time comes ,that’s way you will put most of the work upfront and only answer fans comment and take gigs as they come. This also means placing a face book ad earlier and promotion on twitter earlier. When something bad happen or anything needs your attention you can deal with it. Like this blogs I do them every time at home but when I post them I post them once for them to appear every day on my twitter and face book as well as instagram clearly am there without being there all the time. Now this saves me data and time.

  • 6 Anticipate the lazy times.

This one is more like the above one but in a real time work where you write and record songs. You can have a way to encourage yourself, I know for me it’s easy I make a dope beat I write for it. If its gqom it’s easier I get the beat from other producers and work on in immediately before its bores me.  So find a way to reward yourself after every session that’s way you will know the immediate pay off of your efforts. I know I don’t need any ,I just get full filled that’s I manage to hit my daily task or pattern and I have a new effective strategy rather than writing a song for one day ,I just write one verse a day and maybe I finish writing in three days. Why I do this I realized that’s my 1st verses are always way doper than second and third ones so I needed a system to balance that’s and so far it hasn’t fail me. So this system allows you to be lazy and effective at the same time, in the book I recently read they had something like this where an artist put a minimum of 25 min on a task. I saw writing a verse is different depending on its complexity and content others take longer and other are quick to finish.

I was taking a video of myself writing and time was flying and I couldn’t believe it cause I thought I value my time but why my passion waste so much of my time? , we will never know its feels right doing it and I think I’m doing important thing with my life especially for myself. On the other hand knowing this I can dedicate my time accordingly because if I spend so much doing that’s and returns are small, I know in the long run they might be huge but I need to make moves that’s will make that’s long run closer meaning I get 9-5 or something and pay for this to get to the right people who will see value and want me to come and entertain or teach with it.

Thank you for taking the time, I most appreciate improving yourself using my life experience and pit falls. If you are a artist or a business person we have a small book on amazon called Music Insider 16 pages of simply contacts you can use to get some the things done with in the music industry.