5 Ways to get to the streets, performances & selling merchandise

Welcome to the 4st piece of ULwaz no Makhula Show where we teach artists like us what do we have applied to make our songs stand out on social media which led to having them popular around the world.

You have to find a way
May 2021

[Durban Inanda, April 2, 2020 Thursday]

1. Go Perform for free

We not big fans of free open mic performances but you have to go out there familiarize yourselves with some potential ,investor , Promoters , or a deal which is not so much a thing today’s artists should want to leverage , deals are good if you have a good team in place already.

2. Impress certain people with your performance.

This point follow well on the previous one, you don’t just go to perform to artists beneath you in a hustle sense they may not give you the respect you deserve and they don’t have connections you need, unless they will pay you for your performance. Say No politely to events that’s doesn’t align with your brand and you target.

Which people should you impress ,The show hosts at the Shisanyamas , Lounges and people who own this places .once they start inviting you be consistent with attending and performing for free for a least a year if they call you often and if you good other doors will be opening already. After that’s start negotiating your fee. and this apply to all the posters you’ve been pushing if you’ve been relevant for past 2 years you deserve to be paid.

Impress influential people, and we want to add other hosts and influential people are too focused on their ways they may not recognize you till you overseas so that’s their loss. Dj Lag for e.g. I’m sure someone else saw him 1st. So kill the crowd in front of influential person, influential person could be uBig Zulu, Ayanda Makukule, Vusi Thembekwayo, Slikour, or anyone who you think can call you and say ntwana you hot where you from, do you have a manager….don’t rush signing anything if this happens build a relationship 1st if possible, unless its Tira or Oskido for example you know those people get things done and nakhona read the fine print or get a trusted Lawyer or someone who knows about the contracts. As ULwaz No Makhula we haven’t reached this point but ULwaz has once signed an exclusive deal with universal it’s was just between me and the artist I Produced, it was terrible but because I had nothing much to lose I signed.

Lastly impress people on media or social media savvy people at least make some noise every time you were at the performance. Your will get Radio interviews, you might have to approach them by inboxing on face book greet and get straight to the point and say where you were performing and he was there.  Chances he’ll remember you give you a slot or play your song.

Spliff company Logo

3. Why Do I have to go out while internet got me covered?

We asking for a lot of people here so, we will touch on the reason you already know but never take notice. Free face book you may be so visible but if I don’t know your face you are a mystery. 2. Proximately you see ,if a teacher teaches you on the internet it’s hard for you to grasp the lesson ,but if he is here in front of you , disciplining you seeing all the emotions and all you listen and become better , that’s what’s happens to artists as well. you may like Cardi B but you like her more once you see her , and that’s what’s you need to do get to your people anyway you can.

We Were on Tour , KwaNyuswa

4. Don’t perform for free; Improve your brand for promoters and event organizers to see you are worth something.

We know this one contradicts with the 1st point, but not all artists are starving artists others have 9-5 where they can invest in their brand to the point that’s everyone knows it, it’s just that’s they have never saw you perform and that’s where you get in and get paid…I hope this won’t make you look at ULwaz No Makhula as fake or less of hustlers but we actually used this point to better our brand. We saw from our previous solo projects that’s we were not treating music as business so we changed. It’s worked for us it may not work for you but it’s worth a try or you may be putting money in the wrong places. Our Top 4 is Mixing, Mastering, Feature and face book boosting.

When you tired learn to rest ,not to give up.


5. Selling clothes and cdz

This one is kind of crucial because we haven’t done it; here is why we rather have a customer send us money to print him/her a t-shirt than using our titer budget and hoping someone will buy. We print for ourselves and still get the brand awareness, Cd we do at least 10 to submit at conferences of music and Radio trying our luck…we don’t know what’s is happening in there but their requirements are not what’s they publicly want they want more, which for a friend and a hustler we haven’t took that’s route because we may fail to keep up masesyaphasha sesdumile. But we’ll see in the near future Radio and TV are still a way forward.

Closing this last point I want to say if you have budget of printing t-shirts and caps and you have good selling abilities go for it.

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6. Prepare before hitting the street.

Carry multiple usb’s; add Cd on top of that’s just don’t miss your shot because of these technicalities. Carry your Dj to avoid unnecessary sabotage loll ,your dancers if you need them ,cameraman if you use a phone don’t give it to strangers that’s you had a small talk with in a show then ask him to shoot you. Get your Swag, Drip, and Umswenko on point look like the artwork just in the real world…Loll we will add this one but we are guilty of improvising when it comes to it. Prepare your stage moves earlier not on the last minute. Mngan I prefer we share our weaknesses with our friend reading , what’s do you say…yah bafwethu we use to not prepare the stage moves then behind the stage we will practice something just  before we get in maybe this is why Eyadini saya kanye kabili sasngakabi ready.

Wamanz umuntu

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