Why I hesitate taking R350 relief grant and won’t take food parcels

I was struggling coming up with something to write about and that’s natural for most of the bloggers and book writers and even musicians and movie producers. So I have started to find an inspiration but I will explain that’s later for now let’s look at why you should reconsider taking government handouts.

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We don’t need it

At home we not filthy rich and we are not poor either, and I don’t consider ourselves middle class as well. Maybe you too reading this know even if there is a temporary loss of income because of lockdown but I feel bad seeing our people almost everyone wanting this food parcel and R350 but same people after the lockdown will be drunk every weekend and this R350 won’t mean a thing. I get encouraged to take this money and it’s a free money but I don’t want to lie every effort I put trying to apply this money is another time I can be using focusing on my creative writing and other things that’s matters to me.

You don’t need this if you like our home and play stokvels ,that’s means we have food to put us through 6 months of lockdown but at home my mom wanted this food parcels and she knows I don’t appreciate this but out of respect I cannot do anything to oppose her. 

What’s its means for our community

I don’t want to lie, there are people who actually need help and some of us who are privilege to not have to be in those cues. Maybe one day life will show us flames to the point that’s we need to be assisted but for now that’s not the case. This means our community has not taken responsibilities of their own financial lifestyle and plan for 6 months ahead.

Two community should be giving their own before government intervention , but how can we reach that’s level if we still feel a need to take with people we consider poor ,that’s means we are also poor and personally it’s not what I would love to be label as so I’m not going to be part of the handout. I rather be in a conversation where how could I donate and help with my time and money. I’m not where I want to be financially but if our community can encourage giving this can automatically increase my level of hustle so I can have enough to give.

Our president in South Africa doesn’t give enough pep talk to his citizens , Maybe he does but no speech is trending from our previous presidents except Nelson Mandela meaning the country may work but is not motivated to change the overall situation. This might sound like winning and complaining and asking for unimportant thing in an office time but our country needs it .The point of this subtitle is if you take food parcels you not different from a hungry kid in Ethiopia ,not disrespect for those kids we should be aspiring to help them as we prosper.

It’s our right

I’m sure this is the main argument, but I’m sure we have a lot of things we need to reconsider in this country where as society we pour lot of money in. Our right in my own view should be used to empower young boys and girls who are trying to start businesses. Local leader as much as politically risky to be a hardworking leader ,councilor  or pastor you can be killed by people in the organization by trying to do write and using local government funds in a right way.

A leader should give his life to try to better the community he/ she is representing, I don’t know my counselor and I don’t use most of the services here because I really don’t know where to find them in 2019 I was a part of a riot and roadblock for needing road harms to reduce accidents and counselor came but he was powerless and told people he called someone from province department and that’s person came and promised us and we got what’s we wanted.

Having a leader that’s doesn’t have a power or resources was really mind blowing for me, and wonder what’s role did he play. But I’m not saying things that’s happens here at Inanda only I’m sure in your area you have your own experiences as well.

I don’t believe in riots and what’s ever community does violently  I believe in taking responsibility but the community is not empowered for that’s ,I may understand this individually but I still need to improve my brand to have a say and be impactful that’s my right.

So if you are reading this look at your right differently, the right to create the better version of yourself, to teach yourself important things that’s can help government and most importantly for you to be in a position of not wanting to be in cues for handouts and distress relief grants.

Free money is not worth it, unless you strategies for it

There is this country which is rich because they have oil and government pay its citizens and possibly no one is paying any taxis there. The problem with this country its obesity and lazy people it has, of cause they have a freedom the citizens but since they didn’t earn this money but given and once the oil loses value in the world or some kind of recession that’s country and its people will struggle and possible starvation. This people don’t have financial discipline.

For the world at large if a government is doing some incentive to help people during lockdown that’s ok. But this drip will stop in 6 months and can leave the reserve bank in an awkward position and tax will come back but bite us in the #ss. This is just a possible assumption and that’s can be wrong.

Strategic part is if you have some sort of business or property that’s you bought and now its feels like the money you get every month you didn’t work for then that strategy. If you look at it it’s not a free money, it’s a money made out of discipline which most of the people should learn so they won’t struggle if something happens to the 9-5 job.

We cannot all be business people or whatever but habits of good financial handling and concepts of delay gratification can be applicable to all. This is not a hidden information and I didn’t use English language because I’m smarter but because it’s a universal language.

We are being spoiled as a country and we will be weak

This is the time a country should unite and ego and pride put aside, a neighbor should be able to ask for a sugar and drink tea during this hard times. The fact that’s we cannot endure this times means we cannot handle well what’s next. Maybe its won’t happen in my life time but youth or kids may see other pandemic or our grandchildren’s will read about it and it should be putted in schools syllabus and change the past lessons that’s isn’t relevant.

If this wasn’t a red flag for a country to bet or consider on the internet for schooling and other sectors than we will be delaying progress as a country. Casualties will be there and we people now we will need to be more responsible with our action more than before. Bringing kids in this world and trusting government system to grow our kids ,should be taken back to us as parents or paying private schools because that’s will be an edge for every community in this country and every country reading this. Paying a private learning for your kid is still a responsibility for your end as a parent because getting that’s money is not easy and making sure that’s your kid is getting your money worth is still on you.

Don’t allow to get spoiled you are too old for that’s and the fact that’s life is hard. Take your L and accept that’s you didn’t anticipate this situation and try to better your kids to not be in a same situation not just through inheritance but through lesson’s about important things in life which can be summarized as Hard work, Smart work, good Financial habits and education, value of relationships and laws of nature, failure, adversity and more.

In closing this blog is going to add something in your life every time you visit it, that’s a promise so make a date with LnM. Thank you for your curiosity into why there are people out there who doesn’t like to be normal.

What are 5 things that artists do right?




This one was obvious for me today looking at posts on face book of people trying to make money out of artists by saying what’s they do wrong and what’s they should do. You see I’m an artist and I get offended when this fake PR talk all they want on social media and this gurus want to be and take a picture with a Celebrity so it will seems like they know what’s their talking about. So this is my heads-up to everyone watching this channel at the moment we not planning to ask money from you and when or if we decide to do so it will come from a place of virtue and principles and respect we have for people… I don’t see you as a number or a like that why we can bump in to each other and talk although tension will be there but that normal .If you as a rapper or Kwaito or house Dj feel like you cannot trust a person claiming to know much about your industry trust your guts and don’t do business with him/her.

Apologies for that long intro let’s get down to business, what’s we did right when we started out and what’s you doing right already. Before I jump to it ,it’s important to remind you to subscribe to our channel by clicking that red subscribe button maybe you’ve been here before and thought yourl never come back here you are and we resonate with you give us a shot . LnM Show by ULwaz No Makhula we not gurus we artists you can check us out ,our songs and Music Video we share insight in terms of our experience and knowledge.

  1. Artists and Producers like to improve themselves.

You see maybe not everyone but every producer I know took some time to master his craft and everyone following will do the same ,it’s become natural it a must to learn new tricks as a Producer listening to other beat makers and mixing engineers doing amazing stuff you say I gatta learn that and you do. Watch Tutorials, read some notes or purely experiment. So I want to congratulate producers keep up the good work. I don’t know what’s value you will find in this episode but for me I felt the need of gratitude hope yourl learn what’s to do as well if you just starting out. Artists improve their writing and they can be conscious of their content and try to deliver what’s people can understand we want to say great work guys that the way. I remember the group from eNanda called double 7 , decided to feature Mphako on a track and after past years of beef and it got squashed a hardcore track was going to create some subliminal so they did a great concept about amaphupho meaning dreams they want to achieve in music which became a huge track featuring a vocalist that what’s industry needs bafwethu  keep it up.

  • 2 Matured artists know the right people and use them.

This is the big boys stuff, you see moving to point number one this one come to mature everything I just mentioned basically Point number 1 is just to reduce work and be able to be independent, this one makes you a master because you know who write you a song, who mixes it, who master it and who distribute it then your job becomes recording it only then lets the pros take off the load on your back. We encourage you to become matured quickly and don’t try to be anything only focuses on that thing that has higher upside.

Take risks , study people your better life depends on it.

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  • 3 Some artists master the skill of performance.

In this one I’m guilty, how do you do this it’s simple but not easy. Here is how I did it if I know I have a new songs that I would love people to see me perform I practice them every night until the day of performance come. I open the beat read my script and recite my verses song by song put my verses aside until I know the songs well without a script ,and then Il sung them during the day at work in my head  just keep track of them. On that I stand up act like there’s mic on my hand and picture the crowd of people singing with me .After all this I’m 99% that I’m going to kill the crowd in kwaito is so easy master the dance moves lyrics is just 4 lines repeated so yah not all artists only few with unknown songs master this but we celebrate their hard work today syabonga.

  • 4 Artists Respects one another.

Here is what’s I like about our music community we know one another and we respect one another. We see beefs on mainstream but we know it’s for show business so you know deep down they know each other’s place. We may be criticized because we used drugs sometimes but we rarely try to harm one another it’s only a healthy competition in everything we do. Even those beefs and diss don’t reach physical fights so we should appreciate that behavior and encourage it to keep going. Respect and Trust goes a long way in every society but we know some categories of the industry tries to separates up , like media and companies as well as awards nowadays the aim behind them is fortune and bribery that why mostly we don’t participate because drama may not good for our physo even if its seems to be good for business but sleeping at night is much better.


  • 5  Value the platforms they’re given.

We might have an ego or pride now or realization of not wanting to perform for free but every stage we got back then was a hope of getting a recognition but that no longer a case, but as artists we value the platforms we are given and we don’t take them for granted so I want to give thumps up to artists who really show appreciation to people who give them platform. And those who exploit artists shame on you. But as a rule of thumb it’s important to give that community radio at least R50 because you don’t know what’s they give him so yah .humility play a huge role in anyone’s life. Look after people who look after you and when it’s strictly business don’t mix it with pleasure.

It has come to the part I hate the most , of leaving now assuming there is a kid who watched this video as well I want to tell you boy or girl life is not bad things only and it’s not good things only but you have to try a look for the good and make more of it , having money is good so be aware now people with no money and don’t take their advice to heart about money than those with money listen attentively ,this applies to music don’t mind a manager who doesn’t have a track record of managing successful artists and thinks he can tell you or she can tell you something. Do your thing and take advice from experts and people who are where you want to be. Now I didn’t say press a notification bell so please do and don’t forget to follow us on all social media as ULwaz No Makhula this is LnM show its time for that Bonus.


  • 6 They can open doors for one another without expecting recognition.

If artists were another form of species I would’ve said most of them they are incredible species, as much as we don’t do this often but it does happen, we Saw Zakwe putting on Duncan and Zuluboy putting Zakwe and so on, in Gospel Thina Zungu been putting artists .Dj Tira has a huge successful company as well as Oskido till this day they put on artists to help them feed their families with talent god has given them. Only thing we want to add to our friends don’t expect this as your strategy to succeed put in the work and look for your own path to success hope this episode wasn’t that lame but valuable and its show that in life and media there is less Thank you and appreciation of what’s we have achieved as human being, they push the negative stuff only that why we recommend if you are an artist you must not watch TV and listen to radio. You cannot be a actor and a spectator choose a side Thanks, goodbye.