Hi thanks for paying us a visit us once again, we want to share our perspective and maybe how we can improve this, underground and mainstream males like music more than female and this is not a scientific research and to upcoming artists the gap is too much not just for their music they share but even in instagram we saw that’s if you do hip hop on House and gqom and anything that’s is not musical but lyrical mostly guys follow you so why in our humble understanding that’s is?

  • 1 The lyrical content is mostly male related situations.

We may argue on this topic, but things pop culture sings about is normally streets and hustle and sometimes good life, where girls are just part of that’s good like and not important piece. So when woman hear this they rather tune to gospel music more and thinks of god than watching music videos with other woman like them popping as out while the alpha is a male .So this distaste is something most artists are not aware of but as we have seen the big songs are from people like Sjava in SA where woman is very important and treated with respect in songs and videos, ambitious entertainment balance all gender when they push their artists. London is a female artist they have and its beauty attracts males to follow her and females to want to be like her before even knowing her song , same apply to Nicky minaj but without balance we see most males being a followers of music artists especially the upcoming ones ,they encourage and give this artists hope.

  • 2 Because we approach our fans at this stage.

This comes down to self control and separating business and pleasure, our partners may not like what’s we do because of the small attention we get any worse if we found them through music,we need to convince them she was just lucky. On other hand we don’t know the true intensions of our female fans we may take advantage of them and we end up losing them because of resentment and seeing other sides of us, If we approach them it’s become a awkward situation. While on the other hand if you just become friend she will bring you more fans of a female kind which is what’s is needed,I saw doing a music video with my cousin her influence to other girls made the video get notice to a different demographics  that’s was a big up, But all in all we shouldn’t take advantage of ladies if they show love of our music.

  • 3 We don’t have a female member in our team.

If a studio is made up of males only the minds and strategies are the same and that’s girl feel is missing and we fail to connect with ladies, meaning A&R should play its part here, Even talking about teams is something rare to other artists, team is what’s make an artist people who do the business side of things and management of most things about an artist. If your team doesn’t have a woman you can be sidelined and miss a huge market that’s is supposed to be supporting you, the branding on its own is important, like my aunt said the other day I can buy Sjava’s Cd but I cannot stand him on TV so for big companies they should find a way to figure that’s out .if an artist could resembles his/her music that’s would be a win.

  • 4 We don’t know how to influence them.

See for years I wasn’t good at dating and I couldn’t figure out why, its might have been lack of confidence and other things and sometimes I saw my friends with girls and made an argument that’s  it’s because there are girls in their homes and we were all males in my home. I was right in to a certain extent up until I saw my brothers good at this, then as I began to know how to do this as we I saw that’s its all came down to influence. Our music is written to a male stand point of things and apart from the fact that’s they can vibe to it, we didn’t create a connection where they listen to the song when they’re not at the club or party. So it’s important if we write really put ourselves in different shoes so we can influence every one. Other artists always write songs about me!!! Me!!! me!!!,but that’s too as good as it is may not convince people to follow you. You can be a voice for them and then they will be influenced to follow you as their leader.

  • 5 Our Posts are not appealing to them.

Since we are an aspiring artists and we still have a long way to go ,quality of what we post may be low maybe to the fact that’s we don’t making any huge moves so all we posts it’s just gibberish and if not that’s it’s because our content has a low quality because of the gear lack so we need to take stock of those challenges as upcoming artists and solve them. Instead of buying new pair of jeans when you don’t need a G-star expensive jean go to Mr. price and get it that’s way ,the change can go to a camera so fans can have a poor quality but not us we need to be different somehow.

So this article was inspired by the fact that’s someday I looked at my instagram analytics and saw 80% males and 20% females and this was really a mind opener for me so we need to pay attention to this things. In our culture here we normally have more males in hip hop shows than female so that’s on it own is a problem that’s clearly shows the type of people following us and those that’s reacts to our message. Switching to Gqom and Dance music is a different story and actions must differ as well.

6. Because earlier on before success , we are not in a mainstream market.

Example for this point is Duncan Skuva , before he was signed to Afro ,he has male fans mostly and Tira used his knowledge and influence to put him on females market and encouraged him to tone down on rapping for the street and we saw his sound change .Lesson here is we need to focus on whats working and use it more than trying to prove to one another how good we are. lets study the masses and use the information to diliver great music to attract ladies and female in most demographics cause its has been said they can be a loyal fans who buys as well.

5 Things not to do in stage

Welcome to another segment of ULwaz no Makhula Show where we teach artists like us whets we have applied to make our songs stand out on social media which led to having them popular around the world.

Its not whats you don’t know thats hurts you , its whats you know thats isn’t so


[Durban Inanda, April 3, 2020 Friday]

1. Don’t waste time introducing yourselves and spoiling the show momentum.

We always ask big dogs in the game to constantly make conferences so they can tell us about this stuff. Have you ever see Black Coffee busy shouting his name before he plays no. Have you ever see Duncan saying hold it my selector Hi my name is Duncan from KwaMashu No. any big act get to work when they get on stage because they know they will do their best work and people they will ask each other who was that . Then word of mouth maybe by then they will be sourber enough to follow you on socials. This also set the bar low, imagines getting after ULwaz No Makhula and do this just Kidding but you get the point…let’s move on to.

associations make a person

 2. Don’t start performing without knowing the arrangement of your set.

Skip , Skip , Skip while we payed to see you do your thing now you and your Dj are making us fans to lose our mojo.And the Promoter is looking at you on the VIP Section. So avoid this know your set by heart if you going to use their resident dj. Its makes you look unprofessional and when your time is over you will be mad on the host for doing his work cutting you cause you were ski skip loll.

this is one way to perfom

3. Don’t play with booze on hand, or don’t perform drunken period.

Okay this one may offend a lot of people even our allies but that not our goal, our goal is to help young boys like us take action towards their talent with this tools in hand. We don’t drink but we have seen people literally drinking their career down the drain. Avoid alcohol in business settings, if you treat music as business doesn’t drink before your studio session and before your performance. I don’t know if it’s true but Ambitious Entertainment doesn’t sign you if you drink alcohol so for all of us aspiring to be signed lets choose our poisons wisely.

4. Don’t do your moves at the VIPs session (You diminishing your brand).

Be peoples person, laugh at the event, engage in conversation just don’t Dance in a place you are booked in as a respected artist. Hold your standards, behave properly don’t bother the person who invited you, quiet you passion baby of wanting to kill a crowd now…I know this points are kind of out to this segment theme but this are all things you shouldn’t do. Don’t look to bored either loll yes check your phone ,but talk to your friends while waiting to perform eating for other type of genre wouldn’t be relevant but you can by some meat and eat .we are also guilty here we don’t eat in shows but that have to change. It will make the experience more memorable R100 per person then you good to go. So the key to this point don’t be centre of unnecessary attention.

We were booked to perfom on fs tour

5. Don’t be late, If you early try to perform if threes an opening.

This point is all about humbling yourself , most upcoming artist may want to act like celebrities  when they start to get some gigs , if there’s a time slot try sticking to it or do much better be there when there’s a gab of someone late.. Understanding the promoters frustration will work on your favor, whether your dope was amazing or not he/ she will remember you on the next show .Being late is not acceptable in any place even church so in life try to keeping track of your time always set an hour more unless you are a busy person by nature that means you will make use of your schedule as usual….

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Latest Dance song we will perfom

6. Don’t forget to pay attention while others are on stage coz you will get in eventually.

Paying attention is cheap but most artists take it for granted, our artists here don’t have a privilege of making a sound check so, there will be surprises no matter how good the sound is. Look few performances and see whets not to do. Where the mic makes lot of noise, how far can you go with a cordless mic before singing for yourself loll, why others you can’t hear them are they holding mic incorrectly.

Study the crowd which songs do they vibe to the most , if it’s your 1st time get your nerves early and think of how can you avoid chocking ,should you use a song or a beat coz the sound is bad ..Look at all that then go in and blow them away.

Hope you learned and enjoyed this episode next week or anytime after that we will have more content like this for you to make powerful music and entertain people .this are ULwaz No Makhula on all socials we are out see you on the next one washa wena!