Beverage you really need is water

I’m not a medical person or scientist I am a little above average person because I learn every day. I learned about water more after I read a tweet by Patrick Bed David since I follow this guy and his lessons on Valuetainment in YouTube, I find it easy to buy in, in his philosophies he put a list of drinks a person can consume and at the end put water as the number one recommended consumption and the fact that’s it’s free in many places buying it will be flexing but it’s ok for as long as its water. Now I will share in a simple language what do I experience since I have kept the commitment of drinking water only throughout this year and possibly for the rest of my life.

  1. I don’t get tired after a meal

I use to stay with my grandma and tea was a must after every meal no matter the weather and I thought it’s a norm ,at home we hardly buy a juice if we buy a cold drink we finish it immediately because we know it’s one of the rare occasion. But what’s happen after drinking all other stuff, I realize I hardly drank water back then and its important was not drilled in my subconscious then, so I will get tired after drinking a tea or cold drink. Worse are energy drinks I already know in the future they will be more like cigarettes because of its side effects the ingredients there are meant to mess with your normal body functioning and if you are the type that’s fuel yourself with energy drinks you will burn out and suffer diseases like kidney failure and more.

  • In movies when someone is overwhelmed is given water

The only thing you can learn immediately from watching TV is people are given water if they come stressed of perplexed about something or maybe too sick. But I assure you, make water your friend and you can give you that’s dose every time you are dealing with your own challenges of life. Water dilutes everything strong you might drink, so you can start there and reduce your sugar intake or alcohol. We are in a lockdown and still dealing with Covid 19 and alcohol is in the sanitize that’s kills this viruses, so alcohol as beverage is not good for anyone but as the lockdown persist and things are open people has gone back to their old ways but as you are reading this we hope you will have some realization and consider slowing down on booze.

  • Water is natural

No brainer point but its means a lot to get our minds at ease, we are natural beings and what’s makes human species strive is by functioning by nature. You know people who exercise a lot drink water mostly and eat green vegetables as their meals and less oil intake and foods like processed foods that’s has lost its nutritious value. Water makes you different in a good way, when you see people around you neglecting this tasteless juice you know you have found something they haven’t and possibly will never know. This goes back to the thing I mention a lot in this blog, avoid liking things that’s liked by the masses and things that’s seems shiny and fun. In my teachings here in LnM I always try to tell people that are take our advices with the grain of salt cause we might be wrong as well all we know if you find yourself agreeing with us in some other points, that’s means we are on to something.

  • You will realize that’s water is important although its free to other’s

When you hear that’s there is shortage of water, what’s come to your mind? That’s we are surrounded by water how can we lack it? The truth is sea water may be expensive to clean and worse I’m sure they haven’t yet figured a way to get that’s salt out.

But I know the progress has been made where other companies change stream into consumable water and clearly at some point even a poor person will have to figure a way to buy clean water cause government may fail to keep up the free bees although free votes will go out after every 5 years.

I remember when I was young ,looking after my brother’s new born and the baby was crying non-stop ,he’s 18yrs now but back then I didn’t know what’s to do so as a naïve kid myself I gave a new born water .

By then I knew water was harmless rather it’s the only normal consumable for everyone in the world. On the other hand I remember giving the same little boy an apple instead of porridge, that was really naivety because this little thing doesn’t have teeth loll and I had to pull that’s out when he started crying.

  • 8 glasses of water a day is a myth

You see ways of teaching people’s stuff differ and the message ends up conflicted, I want to do you a better version of 8 glasses a day. Drink water after every meal that’s is already 3 times a day ,now what’s I do every time I put something in my mouth no matter what’s it is ,snacks ,biscuits or sweet I follow up with water now you see how quick you can reach 8 glasses a day. And don’t think you will need to pee a lot because you drink a lot of water, I find that’s peeing system doesn’t change much unless you have a medical problem. So don’t be frightened by the number of glasses because that’s number are not even close to the impact water will do in your life.

In closing now we are in winter where I am, and someone said you not going to drink tea while it is so cold? Maybe I’m too much of an experimentalist so I’m not asking you to go hard as I do, but start and fall and get up until you want nothing but water and people around you will understand. Thanks for joining us once more or for the 1st time we hope you will be sticking around we have a lot of life-changing articles here LnM. Follow us as well on all social media as ULwaz No Makhula.