How to make money on social media (Explained)

I’m sure this subject has been tackled countless times but I want to show you the perspective I learnt from grant cardone ,that’s you don’t know where the deal is going to come from , you don’t know where you breakthrough is going to come from and most importantly where your money is going to come from. So for those like me who like or interested in starting businesses we have to try different things till we stumble on what’s really click at the same time we must not keep changing businesses and social media strategies because we are lazy or overpowered by procrastinations we should learn to pay attention and fight that’s weaknesses.

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  • 1 By constantly posting your product or service

What’s are you selling? Or what’s are you busy sharing on Facebook? If you busy sharing jokes on your private account not even a page, you not going to make money on social media, but social media will make money out of you.Same applies to other apps ,yesterday I learnt that’s instagram is so expensive the average data charges per hour is 750 Mb so that’s a lot of money and Facebook in dollars charges as from 0.22$ per minutes depending on what’s you are watching .Free ones costs you as well because if they direct what’s you view they can sell you stuff as well.

So while you paying then be realistic and promote your capabilities and it’s going to take you years to get people who are going to trust you to put money for you from where ever they are then you send them what’s ever you are pushing.

The person who doesn’t read books is no different from a person who can’t read.

  • 2 Post Video and pictures of sales ,promoting yourself having a special

Connect with your people but being nice all the time doesn’t work, some of my customers know I’m pushy and that’s important for me cause I value time, if you scared of people or think you going to lose a customer so you gatta be nice or overly polite, in my view you not making a sale by keeping quiet so doing something has encourage my supporters to buy cause other forget. Although there are those who make empty promises and it’s your duty to make a decision, you keep this person so he can keep playing with you or you unfriend or block. On the other side of the coin others keep their word is just circumstances so understand and wait.

  • 3 Improve your gear and quality of your product

I Sell beats and it’s more easy to deal with people on whatsapp, other than face to face but I can manage too as well. In order for me to have a repeat customer he needs to always need to hear something better than the last time. You shouldn’t work hard trying to get new customers but fulfill the needs of the existing ones and learn not to be pushy in your true believer of your work. At the same time find a way to cut a fluff and unproductive conversations people praising your work. Thank them and ask them to supports your effort, if not try to move away from them and make a room for true musicians or clients who enjoys using your product..

  • 4 Don’t compete and don’t be discourage by those who does the same thing.

I Think I made a mistake of sharing snippets to everyone on my whatsapp even people who will copy my style of pushing and try to undercut me with a price and someone actually did ,because I wasn’t competing with him I encourage what’s he was doing and tell everyone that’s there is this guy who sells 6 beats for the price I sell one beat for so others asked for his number and I gave them , clearly those were not my perfect customers and they have been enjoying my little set of promotion beats I sent.

Other thing ,you may not see where you are going when you still have people who gets your product for free or service ,they hold you back and the belief and behavior of paying forward that’s you are trying to instill to others get killed because they brag saying so and so give me for free or services me for free , so make a story and cut them loose cause they may not making any impact for you or they did you a favor in the past you need to settle that’s once and for all.

  • 5 Be Ready to get charged as well ,

I mentioned at the beginning that’s social media will charge you, true so to promote what’s ever on social media you need to boost your products or service to people who are always online and build those relationship. All of the above is the skill called sales after reading this article you will and can do some of the things I’m talking about. So to those who can’t sell like you, you can collaborate with them if they have beats you take their beats and you sell it to your customer base and split the money.

Its grew on me to do all this and eventually became a norm but to tell you the truth I watch certain channels on YouTube and books and found myself making money especially this year 2020 ,and there is no going back and I’m planning to apply this skill to most things I’m good at and passionate about. In closing there are hacks of pushing in every social media, that’s tiktok, snap chat, vk and so on learn them on YouTube and grow your audience if you have some followers organic people will take you serious even if most of those followers are just dormant. In  this subtitle all this will cost you time and little bit of money , so those are charges I’m talking about and try not to argue with anyone when you’ve learn something new like this and do it and be better cause ignorant people tends to sway you like they know what’s their talking about while their just generalizing.

  • 6 Be Honest, Efficient and humanly when dealing with people and money.

The subtitle is self-explanatory, but I will elaborate, honest part is doing true to people and don’t scheme or take the money and not deliver, do everything big companies do, the after sale experience and make sure your customer is happy .Don’t take money and send a product and disappear this is a new era if you are online and a customer makes a small talk do it. So when it’s time for you to sell your job will be easy. Basically I make notes of people who buy my beats and this year number has grew. One thing you will see the day you try to charge your friends that’s you have been giving your services for free ,they will run and this will show the true colors and the fact that’s you have been used all along so watch your back. Once you took this route you may have to pay others as well who usually serve you for free and that’s is cool and that’s how the industry will grow.

Efficient to me means the moment you get pay the quickly you deliver, in my line of work 10 min is maximum to 5 minimum so if you can pull that’s off you will be trusted.

In Kwazulu Natal Durban artists are used to getting music stuff for free to the point that’s we as producers get affected by this, when artists say things like I have never bought a beat in my life. So I’m trying to change that’s on my side everyone need to pay because my brand is growing and I’m still paying money to invest on it and sacrifices are made so I cannot keep giving my time away as well as my products and services.

Opportunities meets preparations

  1. Monetize your pages and social media accounts I was scrolling curious on Facebook page looking for ways to make money and I find that’s if you have about 10k followers or like people or companies can do ads on your page, meaning you will get paid. There are influencers on Twitter and Instagram people have more than 10 000 followers and can charge people who want them to promote what’s ever their pushing in their audience, and depending on the number of people following you the price you charge goes accordingly, On Twitter there are people with like 50 000 follower and more others even buy this fake followers, while others have legit ones.

Now I want to give you a heads up ,don’t spend your life trying to get followers and lose the importance of life and even sacrifice everything in trying to please people you don’t know in trying to grow your audience ,rather learn or give professional to make an awareness about you and things that’s you do. And at they showed people who has million followers but who could sell product the things they were pushing ,now imagine you gave that’s person your product or link or picture to post only to find they have face followers or hacked ones so be careful

Thanks for spending time and feed your curiosity hope we open your eyes a bit and many people touch this subject we hope we not saying things they already said… search for other topics here on the menu and Follow ULwaz No Makhula on all social media, Bye