You don’t need a new hit, you need a budget

Today’s piece is inspired by the conversation we are having with a lady cheese McKenzie , we were supposed to do a song long time ago , now she asks why that’s hasn’t happen now I had to explain that’s we now acting like big companies , we don’t do a song without a budget now check outs this points for more information.

  1. It’s pointless to do a song without a plan.

The mistake I always tell artists to avoid on this blog is don’t do things for free ,now I want to add ,don’t rush to ask for money if you are not there yet practice and grow and see when you ready to charge and know you can manage to keep money coming in and don’t end up with one sale per month. Getting back to my point as you are getting paid to do music related things you also need to pay people who will create awareness about you and your music…

No matter how small is a budget #cash
  1. Music Video
  2. Mixing and Mastering
  3. Submission and Plugging
  4. Public Relation (Magazines and Newspaper and Blogs)

Bear in mind other of these things you can do for yourself so start by taking your chances before getting a middle man or you will get screwed all your life for being lazy and ignorant. But for musicians for now these above costs are fixed and technology improves with a price.

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One day your investments will double
  • 2 Who you do a song with

Featuring anyone will cost you your brand reputation, firstly featuring someone unknown won’t take you anywhere instead it will make awareness of that’s person unless that’s person is really good like the guy we featured on Vosho called Caleb. You need someone who comes and add value on a song not someone who comes and make people wonder why you put this person on a song. On Vosho the vocalist did song great to the point that’s people wants to feature him and we grateful for that’s its show we made a conscious choice.

Here you don’t use a friendship to work with a person ,other thing I want to stress if the person is part of a song not featured he’s investment on a song should be same as ya’ll ,if the track succeed he wins like ya’ll do and if its fail you know the story. But I want to add some people have big name brads already and by featuring that’s person is 100% of contribution and he wants to earn 50% afterwards its fine don’t argue , you have a lot to lose compare to him.

  • 3 Put together some budget and push the hit you did 5 years ago.

Song’s of the year are normally old songs ,why because when that’s people did that’s song ,they were hungry and didn’t think they will make it eventually .So this point might say record a song like you record a song of the year because we might never know. But get back to the point you not lacking Hits , you lack money or you have money but you don’t see your music as a great investment because you don’t know when this will pay off ,so new sneakers win. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life but portion of your income should go to music if you are a artist and as of writing here 90% of mine this year is going to music and the reason being I think I have reached my tipping point and the habit is good knowing that’s girls are not eating my money, stores are not eating my money but what’s I have dedicated my only life to does.

Here is the little secret, there is information we want to reveal face to face the day we meet because it will be more effective then telling it here. How bad you want this info its will depend on you reaching out. So we not saying save a money for a single no the money you get do something related to a single which will make it ready for the world.

I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! Let me handle my business, damn!Hip-hop is more about attaining wealth. People respect success. They respect big. They don’t even have to like your music. If you’re big enough, people are drawn to you.I’m far from being god, but I work god damn hard.

Jayz , Shawn Corey Carter
  • 4 Don’t record everyday

When you starting out its okay to record everyday and strengthen your muscle of being an artist. But now you know your story learn other aspect of music that’s you don’t know like reading articles like this ,and learn more about what’s you need to do to be different in your industry. So I have made it easy , you can read 1 article a day and become smarter or go straight to a book but I know us black people we dread reading instead of trying another hit ,try reading ,how to make a hit song. Budget your time as much as you budget your money ,I know producers don’t seems to have a long term goal that’s isn’t tied to an artist and for all of my friends there get away from that’s notion artists dumps producers every day with or without success while you have dedicated your life to make him a star , he wakes up one day and decides to be a alcoholic and be cool around his neighborhood so I thought I should put that’s in there .On Budgeting time I was trying to say we as producers we tend to spend most of our time in a computer without knowing what’s project is important ,here how I measure myself ,what’s can I do that’s will pay me money for sure , not now but in a very near future then beats are now my answer and its wasn’t always like that’s ,I built beats for years and gave it to my artists for free and I lost lot of money because even when we sold cdz truth and honesty didn’t play part so I let it go , now I sell my beats its what’s I do every day and I have customers ,if I could stop now its would be a huge mistake and I want to correct this here , big artists are not my customers upcoming artists are. So instead of recording and so on I write this even though I still don’t know how I’m going to benefit but music started this way as well, passion and love to help people like me.

Collabo by Swing ft Mphako & R-saijo
  • 5 When you have a budget, back it up with a hit.

Trap music seems to be garbage to old school artists, and I’m sure there is that’s to it but we have some hits as well, what’s this trappers normally have is money their background is usually good but talents lacks now I want to contradict myself make hits so that’s you will win people’s hearts even if you pay for them to hear your work. We know people loves anything on media ,but can you imagine being loved by most people even those who have specific genre just because you good at yours? People like Lucky Dube did reggae but we know they cause they were universal apart from being backed by companies and soon enough we going to show you guys that’s companies are illusions and are there to make money out of artists and create jobs ,unless we found the companies , people who doesn’t know music will come in a pay the budget that’s we are talking about and control everything you spit on the microphone , what’s to say and what’s not to say and no one artist loves that’s , we are matured enough to know what’s deliver or not A&R are important but we are the foundations ,that’s why as artists we should feed our minds with good information and TV series we watch so our songs will have rich content. So make a hit as a guarantee that’s your song is repeated not just by radio but by fans.

Well that’s how my  day end with you today come back tomorrow and have a daily dose of growth and actually do things we suggests and come back for a feedback , we not trying to inspire you here or motivate you .we just tell you what’s you can do to reach the level we at. So do follow ULwaz No Makhula in all social media so you will see we are for real. Bonus point

  • 6 Try to have above average budget

I think this is the most important point ,before I elaborate as I’m writing this script know maybe I might give up one day and not live up to my words , giving up means I died too soon or lost my voice or lost my mind is some way loll. But where im going with this if your life is made out of a passion , creative work any art or you’ve grow to love your work to the point that’s you could work for free .Do this instead of investing certain percentage on your craft ,music or painting or whatever invest all your money and time in it for at least 2 years and see if there wont be a difference. Now how do I suggest you do this . Things like

  1. Putting your work on Radio and TV
  2. Boost a song online
  3. Have a famous ambassador representing your brand & PR
  4. Booked in big gigs

This things are so expensive to the point that’s most artists thinks are only for celebrities ,while the opposite is really the truth ,this is what’s makes celebrities in the first place .Companies invests in these things for their artists and collects the royalties & now we have people like Dj Maphorisa competing with big companies because they realized where to put their money and the guy isn’t really working hands on music but uses the best talent he can get like Dj tira and I respect this guys and I only suggests they should expand their portfolio and learn other businesses like Meek Mill and Jayz cause the new term we all just learnt about called Pandemic proves to us all that’s we need to be way smarter and yet fundamental to survive. Goodbye